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Create Notes & Print Them Easily With Meta Notebook For iPad

iOS sure has a lot of apps designed to let users take notes, but not many of them are focused exclusively on iPad. The larger screen area of Apple’s tablet makes it perfect for use in meetings (and it looks more official too, as opposed to whipping out your phone in office), or in any situation when you want to take notes quickly. Meta Notebook is a rather simple app that takes full advantage of the environment offered by the iPad. The app isn’t cluttered with too many options, but does have some really useful features, like Air Print support and a beautiful, light interface. In addition to all that, the app is a must-have if you are looking for a distraction-free environment to create notes on your iPad. Too often users can get lost in a word editor’s colors and fancy options, and that has a negative impact on productivity. Meta Notebook makes sure that if you want to write, you simply write.

Meta Notebook Entry Management Meta Notebook Page Flip

To get started, you have to tap the New Entry option available on the homepage of Meta Notebook. An entry is a page of sorts, which becomes the part of a larger repository in the app, known as a Notebook. As soon as you chose to create an entry, you have to define a name for it, and then hit the Make Entry! button. When you do that, the app will take you to the typing area, where you can begin making additions to the created entry. The typing page is designed to let users pay complete attention to the task at hand, and is not cluttered with too many distracting options. When you are done adding text to the current page, you can create a new one by navigating back to the homepage and making a new entry.

Meta Notebook Entries Meta Notebook Sharing Options

If you want, you can easily reorder or delete individual pages from the Manage Entries menu. The feature which makes Meta Notebook really useful is its ability to let users print the created document conveniently, via Air Print. That option is available in the sharing menu, and from there, you can also send the notebook in an email. A finished notebook, if it has more than one pages, lets you flip through it by turning the pages like a real book, which is very well suited for the iPad.

Meta Notebook is free for now, but after a few days this might change, so download it by going to the link below.

Download Meta Notebook

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