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iShortcuts: Create & Pin Settings/Contacts Shortcuts To iOS Home Screen Without Jailbreak

A few days back, we covered the method to get settings shortcuts on your iOS Springboard without jailbreak, but that procedure was not perfect, far from it. Using the unnamed web service involved, you can only pin a limited number of settings shortcuts to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s homescreen. iShortcuts is a new web service that provides similar functionality, but with one added bonus; you can create your own shortcuts with it, and for any part of the OS. Moreover, the list of built-in settings shortcuts is much more extensive.

iShortcuts Homepage iShortcuts List

To use the service, enter the following in your device’s browser.


The homepage of the service showcases just a few of the pin-able shortcuts. The complete list of available shortcuts is huge; just tap Load More and see for yourself. If you still don’t find the one you are looking for, just tap the Custom tab to create a link to any part of the OS or web.

iShortcuts Icon Page iShortcuts Facedial

A rather unique and extremely handy feature offered by iShortcuts is FaceDial. With FaceDial, you can add a shortcut to call or text a particular person right from the homescreen. The option even allows you to use that person’s photo as the icon. Each shortcut you pin to the homescreen can be customized quite thoroughly. You can even control whether the icon appears glossy or simple, and whether you want to pin the shortcut as a browser bookmark, or install it as a configuration profile.

If your device is not jailbroken, or you are using iPhone 4S, then do give iShortcuts a try.


  1. When itry to use this on my ipod touch 2g, as soon as I click on the shortcut safari says ” Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid” what should I do

    • Just tried it again on our iPhone 4. Everything works just the way it did previously. Maybe there’s some problem with your internet connection. If there is none, try using the “Config” option for new shortcuts rather than “Bookmarks”.

  2. Thanks a bunch for reviewing iShortcuts in so much detail. I am hoping the FaceDial and Custom Shortcuts will be something that people will find attractive to use compared to what other app are offering. 

    Apart from that the whole web app is just plain HTML/CSS/JS built using jQuery Mobile. Even the config files are generated on the fly using JS.

    • Hi Arpit,
      Thx for this great fix! I was missing something like this, and it makes turning on/off wifi, bluetooth etc. fast and easy.Hope you’ll allow me to propose a few additions. It would be great if the shortcut would directly turn on/off its designated function, ie. wifi, bluetooth etc. And if this could then be combined with an animated icon that would change color with respect to the state of the service, then it would be perfect. However, I have no clue if this is at all possible, but please let me know if you figure it out (laaaks@gmail.com).-mads

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