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Dialer Shield For iPhone Stops Accidental End Call And Keypad Presses [Cydia]

Although Touchscreen cell phones offer great value, optimized user experience and aesthetics, but at times there are some glitches that just keep recurring and are undoubtedly annoying. One of the major flaw of these Touchscreen phones is accidental tapping on Call End button or keypad during a call. This flaw either leaves you with a dropped call with someone important or you get to hear keypad chimes which are really irritating when you are talking something important over the phone. Well I am not siding with Android or anything here, but this glitch is fairly common in iPhones.


So how do you get rid of it? Well this is where Dialer Shield app for jailbroken iPhone comes into play. By downloading and installing Dialer Shield on your jailbroken iPhone, the possibility of a mess up during call is reduced to a bare minimum. Dialer Shield actually becomes active when you dial a number and protects any accidental in-call tapping by making a “slide to unlock” kind of grid at the bottom of the dialer screen.

In case you are calling some customer service and need to use dial pad during the call, then you can simply slide left to enable it. Likewise, sliding the arrow to right will end the call. I am really not a huge fan of paid applications, but this one is really worth those 1.99 $. The app is available in Bigboss Cydia Repo and you can easily download and install it from there.

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