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Dorna Sports Release Official MotoGP Live Experience App For Android

Cometh the 15th of April, a brand new season (2012) of MotoGP World Racing Championship will get underway in Doha, Qatar. If you’re an Android-using MotoGP enthusiast, then you’ll be delighted to know that Dorna Sports have rolled out the official MotoGP Live Experience app in the Google Play Store to keep you apprised of all the information regarding the sport in general, and the 2012 season in particular. Sporting a graphically rich and highly interactive UI, the app brings you all the latest schedules, news, videos, standings, live events, circuit info, photos, informative guides, real-time tracking of news regarding your favorite racers and text commentary. In a nut shell, the app is your one-stop shop for finding information relevant to the riders and teams from MotoGP, Moto 2 and Moto 3 class.

MotoGP-Live-Experience-Android-Splash MotoGP-Live-Experience-Android-Home

While current champion Casey Stoner prepares to defend his title, you have a chance to learn about various facets of racing via the MotoGP Live Experience app for Android. This is made possible by the information-packed dashboard present under the Guide tab on the app’s main interface.  Whether you want to learn about the various types of MotoGP, flags & lights, qualification criteria, racing rules, the complex point system or about the participating riders and team, the app has you covered nicely.

MotoGP-Live-Experience-Android-Guide MotoGP-Live-Experience-Android-Riders-Teams

The Media tab on the app’s homescreen brings you all the latest news, photos and videos from the racing circuits whereas the Grand Prix tab houses in-depth information pertaining to every single race scheduled in various parts of the world for the upcoming season. For each specific location, you have the option to explore the circuit map, statistical data and various records. There is also the option of locating a particular circuit on map via Google Maps. Circuit maps can be viewed in a zoom-able full screen mode from where you can keep track of all the various on-track pit stops and start/end lines.


The Home tab on the app’s main interface is a compilation of the top MotoGP tracks, latest media content and riders. In addition, it presents you with the option to browse the current world standings of MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 respectively.

MotoGP-Live-Experience-Android-Circuit MotoGP-Live-Experience-Android-News

The aforementioned perks and special offers can be found under the Store tab. There are a couple of in-app purchase options available here. You can purchase a detailed MotoGP guide to learn about the sport in detail, gain access to all the live events and all of the app’s features to keep the racing fever running in full flow.

MotoGP-Live-Experience-Android-Player-Bio MotoGP-Live-Experience-Android-Circuit-Map

MotoGP Live Experience is free on the Google Play Store, where some of its features are available as a one-day free trial. After the trial period expires, you can continue using all features by purchasing the full version from within the app.

Download MotoGP Live Experience for Android

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