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Download And Install Google Videos App On Any Android Phone / Tab

Google Video app for Android is the new sensation for movie and video buffs as this application allows you to rent and watch movies right from the comfort of your Android device. Although many Android users have installed the app normally through Android Market, there are many unable to find the app. Even using Market Enabler wasn’t useful in our case, so we decided to grab the ripped copy available at XDA to do the deed.


Google and several others start rolling out most of their new products involving media or telecom-related services in the US and Google Videos is a great example of this. That leaves people from a lot of other regions waiting for a release for their country or region. If you’re one of those and are looking to get your hands on Google Videos, but can’t find it due to the restrictions in Android Market not showing it up as available for you, and apps like Market Enabler aren’t helping either, the only option that remains is to find its APK file and sideload it to your device, and that’s exactly what we’re gonna show you how to do.

Ready for it? Here are the step by step instructions to install Google Video App on your Android device:

  1. The first step is to enable app sideloading on your phone. To do this, launch ‘Settings’ on your phone, go to ‘Applications’, and check ‘Unknown Sources’.
  2. Once done with that, download Google Videos APK from here (or the previous version) and transfer it to the SD card of your device, unless you downloaded it to your device directly.
  3. Now use a file manager of your choice and browse to the location where you saved the APK file. We personally like Astro File Manager, but you can use the one you prefer from the countless choices available in Market.
  4. Tap on the APK file to begin the installation process. Confirm any prompts that you get, and it should be installed in no time.

And there you go! You now have the awesomeness of Google Videos on your Android device, including video rental support.  We tested this on our Samsung Galaxy S II with root running Cognition S2 ROM, and the app works perfectly fine. Don’t forget to let us know of your experience in the links below and for more information, reporting issues or seeking help in case it’s not working for you, head over to the official XDA thread posted here.

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