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Download And Install Green+Mean Theme For Samsung Galaxy S

Green+Mean has been quite a popular theme for Google Nexus One. With a sleek look, nicely designed icons and a unique clock widget, this theme can beautify any device. Now imagine the same beauty on a SuperAMOLED screen like the Samsung Galaxy S! Yes, that is true. If you are a Galaxy S owner with root, Green+Mean is definitely worth a shot for you!

green mean

The Green+Mean theme features:

  • Themed Widgets
  • Themed Launchers (LauncherPro and Touchwiz GTG)
  • Themed Apps
  • Custom Clock
  • Custom AOSP lockscreen
  • Battery Mod

In order to apply this theme, you need to be mindful of a few things.

First, this is available only two firmware versions (Froyo only), I9000XXJPO and I9000XWJPA. Second, it requires ClockworkMod Recovery to be installed for flashing (and obviously root). Third, you need the AOSP Froyo lockscreen separately.

To apply, download the theme from the reference links at the end. Reboot into ClockWordMod recovery and choose ‘apply zip from SD-card’. Choose the theme file, install it, and that’s it! You have you wonderful SuperAMOLED display boasting the Green+Mean theme!

If you want the stock (AOSP) Froyo lockscreen, you can use this link for reference.

Note: When you apply the theme, you may not see the wallpaper and clock. To get them, apply the clock from widgets, and select the wallpaper from LauncherPro wallpapers – it will be the first one there.

Reference Links:

Download links and other material available here.

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