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Download And Install Official Android 2.2 Froyo On Samsung Captivate

Finally we have some great news for Samsung Captivate owners waiting for their delicious Froyo. Although it’s not official, but the official Samsung Captivate Android 2.2 Froyo build has leaked to the surface and looks quite promising. You can now install Android 2.2 Froyo on Stock/ un-rooted Samsung Captivate easily.

Before we embark on installing this update on your captivate, let’s have a look at the package. As per Android Spin, the official Android 2.2 Froyo leaked update for Samsung Captivate has: Ssung-Captivate

  • Colored icons in settings
  • GPS Fix
  • New keyboard
  • Android 2.2 search widget
  • GPS, Auto Rotation on notifications bar
  • Darker menu theme
  • Pop up notifications are darker
  • New “Development USB” icon
  • New app icons (AllShare, Clock, Calendar)
  • Media Hub
  • Nook app
  • JIT Compiler
  • Better Exchange support
  • Android 2.2 Market improvements
  • Improved notifications bar icons
  • Pinch to zoom homescreens
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1 available in Market and working

Here are the step by step instructions on installing official Android 2.2 Froyo on your Samsung Captivate:

Please note that this guide is intended for non-rooted stock Samsung Captivate users with Windows OS on their computers.

  1. The first step step is to download and install Samsung USB drivers: Download for for 32 Bit Windows | for 64 Bit Windows.
  2. Now Download Android 2.2 Froyo official build for Samsung Captivate from here and save it on your desktop. [EXE File Format]
  3. After you have download the official Froyo build, connect Samsung Captivate’s original USB cable to the computer but not the phone.
  4. Now launch the .exe file you downloaded.
  5. Once this is done, put your phone in download mode by holding volume keys and inserting MicroUSB cable in the phone. [The cable should already be connected to the computer as per Step 2].
  6. Now your phone will be recognized by the exe file you just launched. Click the “start” button and wait for the magic to happen!

Once this is done, your phone will reboot and you will be left with Android 2.2 Froyo on your Samsung Captivate. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: Please note that we have not tested this update ourselves but many users have tipped this method as working for them. Proceed at your own risk and AddictiveTips won’t be responsible if your device bricks or any other damage incurs due to this method.


    • ple i bought a samsung wave 2 gt8530 bada and i am wondering if it may includes androis system on it plz if you have an answer tell me cos i search on google but i was confused

    • ple i bought a samsung wave 2 gt8530 bada and i am wondering if it may includes androis system on it plz if you have an answer tell me cos i search on google but i was confused

  1. this also works on a samsung wave 723? because I dont like to fuck up my phone if it dont work… message me back please.

  2. Hi friends, you can download Android 2.2 (froyo) from here:-


  3. Does anyone else have the problem of the downloading page (Android bot with a shovel) screen not doing anything for a long time?

    • I downloaded this tool since i screwed up my phone deleting everything from my SD card, i previously rooted and unlocked and i was running Android 2.2 Cognition.
      Once the SD card was Formated i lost everything and when i rebooted my phone it would get stuck on the Cognition startup screen just after the AT&T logo.
      I followed all the steps from this post and WALA Android Froyo 2.2 YEAH!!!
      no problems at all once the setup was started, just make sure you follow the instruction.
      It worked for me give it a try

  4. How long should this update take? i have been in Downloading mode with Odin in:
    File analysis..
    Set PIT file..

    for over an hour now….

    • I had to kill it since i was using my work computer to upgrade the phone, took it home, repeated the steps, flew by in 10 minutes, and DONE.

      im sure it was the MAN keeping me from enjoying my Froyo.

    • DO NOT use a 64 bit system to upgrade. The upgrade only works with 32 bit systems..How lame is that

  5. oh one more thing. when i plug in my droid it says it cannot find the device driver. i tried to install the one i downloaded from this site but it says i already have a driver installed for this phone. I dont see it on the list of drivers. when i plug the phone in, a new one pops up with a warning on it and i delete it but it still wont let me instal the new drivers and the one that gives me the warning is not there when the phone is not plugged in. Any advice on how to uninstall that driver? what its called? etc? ty in advance.

  6. I downloaded the oden3 one click and followed the instructions step by step including the comment that helped me get it into download mode but i dont think it is recognizing my phone. the oden box is basically blank and when i click start it says “all threads complete 0/0”. There is nothing there to download to my phone. Any suggestions?

  7. Just asking an unanswered question from earlier comments..is this Froyo update a complete wipe/install meaning we will lose contacts & apps or is it actually an upgrade and will retain existing data? Thanks!

  8. this update is nor non rooted phones right? and is it still working fine after the update? (the phone)…like how is it today from the time you installed the update?

  9. Hey guys, even if there’s an official update from samsung froyo 2.2 for AT&T Samsung Captivate & Similar US Galaxy S phones.. I’ll wait like 2 or 3 months…. to install it just to see how is working out to everybody….

    The reason: I had a Samsung vibrant i9000m (BELL Canada) with Android 2.1, and I installed Android 2.2 official release through samsung kies…. 2 days later my phone was bricked and the sd card was dead. (YES with the official release)… SDCARD dead… HARDWARE issue triggered by a software update….

    Be careful, don’t rush…
    Samsung has been having a hard time on getting this update, there must be a BIG REASON for this…. maybe devices are having SERIOUS problems to handle FROYO…
    I don’t want to sound dramatic but.. It just happened to me…. BTW Thanks Samsung Canada your Social Hub support center is crap.

    TIP: Buy a pure google phone N1 still the best on the market….

  10. If you can find a version that works with Macs, yes. This version uses an installer that only runs on Windows so this one will not work for you I am afraid, and I don’t know of a Mac version.

  11. is the gps fix working? that is basically the number one reason i want to put this on my captivate, i want to at least get where i want to go using navigation.

  12. YEah I am pretty much dumb when it comes to this… and when I put it in download mode Idk what I am looking for on the phone to see if its working or if I need to reboot the system or what… any ideas

  13. do i have to unroot and remove cognition using odin? i didnt make a backup. or can i just install this and not worry about removing cognition?

  14. Thanks so much for this. I swear my phone runs a 110% better. Also thank you MISoFine. My phone is AT&T captivate so ya it works on that.

  15. Figured it out. As soon as I removed the sim card and sd card it worked perfectly. I don’t know if it was one or the other as I removed them both.

  16. Well i just bought the phone 2days ago and i updated to 2.1update1 and was eh?? i heard about froyo for awhile on numerous phones my friend has verizom=n and already has froyo so when i seen the unofficial release i went for it and to be honest it works perfect so far i have tethering and allshare is awesome fast to so id say do it dont wait cause for all we know they may never come out with froyo!

    • you can use odin 1 click from the xda developers website.
      here is a url

  17. Has anyone tried this on an AT&T Captivate in the US? I bought the Captivate because AT&T told me they would have Froyo out in mid-Sept. Now they say they won’t put it on Captivate. The only reason I bought the phone was for the WiFi hotspot and unless I can figure out how to put Froyo in my phone, I’m out of luck.

  18. no, someone posted how to install it again but i havent received an answer to my question yet. i would love to do it but don’t want it to be too big of a hassle when the official version comes out.

  19. (for the others that didn’t know)

    Download mode (Noticeable by an Android robot digging with a shovel) is reached by taking everything out (Battery, SIM, MicroSD). Then putting in battery. Holding the volume buttons, you plug in the USB cable to your computer. (Don’t press the power button at all in this method).


    ‘ve never had to take everything out. I just do this:

    1-NO power to phone (turned off, NOT plugged in)

    2-hold both volume buttons

    3-insert usb

    4-release volume buttons

    should take you right to it….

    • Hey man, I’m looking forward for a answer too, but nothing. Did you found out if we have to uninstall this unofficial froyo 2.2 when the official 2.2 comes out?

  20. When the official 2.2 comes out for the captivate should i uninstall this and put the official version on it? how do i do that if i want?

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