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Download HTC Desire HD And Desire Z Source Code From HTC Developer Center


There is some pretty intriguing news for all those who just got and rooted their HTC Desire HD. The Android 2.2 Froyo Source Code is now available officially from HTC meaning that we will soon be rained with some awesome custom ROMS. Although for now the source code might not appeal to many of us, but the Android underground developer and hacker community is surely to take some deep interest in developing custom ROMS.

In our opinion, custom ROMs for Desire HD and the Desire Z might not be as easy as many of us here anticipate. Due to the fact that there is no permanent root solution available, it will be very difficult for developers to plant their kernels.

The main concern here might be that even of a custom ROM is deployed or flashed on HTC Desire Z or Desire HD, then it will be a challenge to stop the phone going back to stock settings when rebooted or restarted. We also have some Desire Z enthusiasts who have places a pretty heavy bounty for on pwning Desire Z permanently.

Due to the fact that Desire Z and Desire HD are rooted with the same VISIONary One Click Rooting Application available in the Market, we are bent on thinking that if Desire Z gets rooted permanently, it will also be applicable on the Desire HD. OK, too much of speculations brewed for now, let’s get down to downloading the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z source code and start cooking some delicious custom ROMs.

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