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Android Ported To iPhone

Yes, it is possible and it is here! The famous iPhone Dev Team member planetbeing has successfully ported the Android OS to iPhone 2G, bringing something to the device that users have waited for a long time.

In his blog post made yesterday, planetbeing shared a video with the world that shows an iPhone 2G successfully running Android OS. Check out the video after the jump.

The release is not ‘production quality’ yet, as per planetbeing himself, but it clearly demonstrates the power and potential that can be unleashed by bringing together Apple’s hardware and Google’s software. This release, despite not being top notch, ensures that all features of the phone work properly.

Android running on iPhone utilizes the Linux kernel to get the iPhone into a dual boot mode, and allows the user to choose between any of the three operating systems; Linux, Android or Apple’s own iPhone OS.

It may be noted that planetbeing was the first one to create a working port for Linux to be run on the iPhone.

Check out the original post here. Alternatively, you may download the Android OS port for iPhone here.


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