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Download SLICK UI Launcher For Android Work In Process

In case you rooted your Android device in pursuit of pure aesthetics of home screen, then SLICK UI will definitely blow your mind away. SLICK UI is a project still under development by capable XDA forum members who actually happen to be the best Android hackers and coders around. We have been following this launcher screen replacement development for quite some time now and it’s all proving worthwhile. The screenshots of this Android launcher have actually awed us to an extent that we have opinionated about this as the most aesthetically appealing launcher to date.

For those who are new to launchers, it is worth mentioning that launcher is a non-official customized home screen for your Android phone that replaces your device’s stock launcher. Launchers are an integral part of Custom ROM development for Android phones, as sometimes the ranking of a ROM is determined by how it looks and of course, the ease of usage. The most appealing feature of this Slick UI launcher is perhaps the “Wonder Wheel” that encircles mid screen and you can easily place your frequently used apps in it.

Another interesting aspect of SLICK UI launcher is the folder and tag options. With these options, you will be able to stack your apps neatly and that will help you remember the exact location of an app too. Some under development and coming soon aspects of this user interface are customizable dock and innovative app-drawer. Under innocative app-drawer, you will be able to arrange your apps under sub-categories like most popular, games, all applications etc. All in all, if SLICK UI will work as promised and look as depicted, then it is for sure turn into a blessing for Android handset users with root.

Here are some FAQ answered by the team behind SLICK UI development:

Q: “Please do folders in Slick UI!”

A: There will be folders in Slick UI. Both our own interpretation and Android native folders will be supported.

Q: “Can I be a Beta tester?”
A: Yes, but right now, we’re far from providing you with a working code. When we feel confident in sending out Betacodes, there will be a seperate Beta sign-up page which you will be informed about through XDA.

Q: “Do you have a release date?”
A: Currently, we dot not have a release date. The project is still in it’s very early stages.

From the FAQs it’s evident that there is no estimated time of release available for this launcher. We believe that it will make it to the surface some time in November and will be readily available in the market for download. Stay tuned as we will update this post once we get the release date and / or any installation apk file.

Here is a short video demo of SLICK UI:


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  1. Some-what a misleading head-line you have there. Here’s people trying to find out if there is a beta version of this new Slick UI, and apparently you have a download!!! Funny, i cannot see a link anywhere.

    On a more on-topic reply though, this will be one of the first launchers which I’d actually consider migrating to. As an HTC Desire owner, and a custom rom for that matter, I have stuck with the SenseUI where possible because in my opinion it is still the best launcher of them all. This will tear me away though…just how long will we all have to wait is the more important question in hand!

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