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Download Wallpapers For Samsung Galaxy S I9000, EPIC 4G, Vibrant, Captivate, Fascinate, Showcase and Mesmerize


XDA-Developers forum member phidelt82 has just released a collection of 26 stunning wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy S Series devices that he has been collecting for his Samsung Mesmerize Android phone. All these have a resolution of 960 x 800 pixels and can be used on other phones that support this resolution as well.

While wallpapers are a personal choice and what one finds beautiful can be ugly to another, this pack includes something for everyone’s taste, be it colliding planets and color warp or biohazard sign and 3D ocean, these wallpapers will give your Galaxy S Series device a pretty background.


We are including a few previews here to give you an idea but the complete collection can be found in the file linked below that you can download. Just extract its contents, copy them to your device and set the wallpaper of your choice, it’s that simple.

color_warp biohazard-android

night_city blackwood

high_speed_vision lake

There is something for everyone’s taste in the pack. As you can see in the previews above, there is a cool space warp tunnel surrounded by colourful lights, a bio hazard sign with an Android standing tall in the background, a city’s skyline view at night seen from the sea, dark wooden planks, a road surrounded by the ocean, and the landscape of mountains and a lake with reflection of the mountains and clouds. In addition, you’ll get a 3D ocean image with a beautiful sunset, a few poses of Android in different backgrounds, vertical stripes in cool shades of blue, a blue dotted grid, aerial view of a large city with clouds hovering over it, view of a dark sky with hills filled with comets, with hills in the foreground and a large moon in the background, a fish jumping out of its waterbown, a Nexus pattern, a Nexus-themed rain effect, Android at a murder scene with Apple as the victim, a pegboard, the collision of a couple of planets (featured in the large image above), a retro grid set in cool 60’s colours, a fuzzy disco stripes curtain, and some outstanding wall graffiti.

Phew, that was an exhausting description. If you have read through it and find something that you think might appeal to you, hit the download link below, grab the pack and give your Android phone a great new background of your choice. Love the new look and want to share it with us and our readers? Feel free to show it off in the comments.

Download Wallpaper Pack for Samsung Galaxy S Series Devices

[via XDA-Developers]


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