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Downloader For iPhone: Download & View Almost Any Music & Document File Format

Safari is a pretty good mobile browser, and that’s why most users don’t feel the need to look for a new one in the iOS App Store. There are a few web browsers that hold their own against Safari, like the previously covered Dolphin browser, specially since it got its Sonar update recently. However, it is not just a two-horse race when it comes to iPhone web browsers, there are other apps out there which can let you do stuff other apps can’t dream of. As a web browser, Best Music & File Downloader Pro might not be the best option out there, and it isn’t meant to be, either. The app is all about letting you download files in popular formats, and then managing those downloads any way you want.

Best Music & File Downloader Pro Browser Best Music & File Downloader Pro File Formats

As you are supposed to keep your downloads in the app, it supports setting up of a password or lock pattern. These can be chosen the first time you launch the app, or from the Settings menu within the app later. Downloader will tell you about all its features through graphical tutorials when you are a new user, and the purpose of each button is demoed as well. There are two ways of browsing the web using this app. Via the Browse tab, you can use Downloader like an ordinary browser, and navigate to any area of the internet. To download a link or file just tap and hold, and the red download button will appear at the bottom of the screen. The other method to look for files is to use the Search section, where you can choose from among any of the 4 file types (Excel, PowerPoint, Word and PDF). You can even choose the search engine which you want to use to find the file. If you know the exact URL, just put it in the the first text box, or use the search bar to look for the keyword.

Best Music & File Downloader Pro Downloads Best Music & File Downloader Pro Settings

In addition to files, Downloader can also be used to grab music from various sources. The procedure to download a song is the same as file, requiring you to tap and hold over a link. The downloads you make using the app will be saved in its Files section, and you can manage downloads into separate folders as well to give everything a neat look.

The interface of the app is pretty good, and it is available for free for limited time. So, head to the following link and give Best Music & File Downloader Pro a try.

Download Best Music & File Downloader Pro

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