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Drive On For WP7 Provides Voice Guided Turn-By-Turn Navigation

We all get lost once in a while driving in a new place, and some of us just aren’t good at remembering directions. Other major mobile platforms have countless apps to help you navigate while driving. The same cannot be said about Windows Phone 7. Drive On is one of the few comprehensive navigational apps on the Marketplace. Not only does it provide vocal turn-by-turn navigation (like Google Maps Navigation for Android), the app lets you know about the nearest restaurants or rest stations; a handy provision for when you have been driving for hours on end.

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From the app’s homescreen, you can tap the route button at the bottom to chart down your route and your mode of travelling. Drive On keeps a record of all your routes, allows you to mark routes as favorite and share them with via email. Hitting the route button allows you to choose from your Favorites or Recent routes too. Drive On will display a list of directions for you, and immediately start reading them out one by one. The blue menu that appears after you’ve picked your route can be dragged onto the screen for a detailed view of the list of directions. To have the app fetch your location, tap Coordinates.

If you tap the navigation button, it highlights your current location on the screen and displays information about it as stored in Google or Bing Maps.You can make the small compass, speedometer and zoom controls disappear from the screen by tapping the options button in the top-right corner of the screen.

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If you have chosen a vehicle as your mode of transport, you get a speedometer on your screen highlighting your current speed. Tapping the small compass icon on the right of the screen displays a large compass indicating your direction from north. The search button at the bottom lets you view the nearest gas stations, restaurants, resting stations, supermarkets, pizza places etc and manually search for places of interest.

In the settings menu, you can activate/deactivate voice directions and choose from among 13 languages, opt for Bing or Google Maps, specify whether you want your screen to be locked, and more.

Drive On can be of great help, not just locally but when you are travelling abroad as well. The app is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace and can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Download Drive On


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