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Enable Free Wireless Data Tethering on AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G

Motorola Atrix 4GWhile the Motorola Atrix 4G hasn’t been released yet, the much-anticipated Android device has already been rooted and now you can even enable free Wi-Fi data tethering on it without having to pay anything additional to AT&T. Read on for details on how to set it up on your phone and save some bucks.

The method involves simply setting up a APN with certain settings that would circumvent AT&T’s tethering restrictions and allow you to avail the service without paying extra for it. It should be perfectly legal as you will only be utilizing the data services you are already paying for to use on your phone. We have to thank XDA-Developers forum member Fixter for sharing these settings with us.


  1. Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.
  2. Press ‘Menu’ and select ‘New APN’.
  3. Enter these APN settings:
    • Name: AT&T
    • APN: wap.cingular
    • Proxy: <leave empty>
    • Port: 80
    • Password: CINGULAR1
    • Server: <leave empty>
    • MMSC: https://mmsc.cingular.com
    • MMS Proxy: wireless.cingular.com
    • MMS Port: 80
    • MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0
    • MCC: 310
    • MNC: 410
    • Authentication Type: <leave empty>
    • APN Type: <leave empty>
  4. Once you have setup this new APN, enjoy wireless tethering at no additional cost.

Apart from free tethering, if you are also interested in rooting your device, you can do so by following our guide on how to root Motorola Atrix 4G. The method also allows you to side-load non-market apps on your phone as well as install thousands of market and non-market apps that require root access.

[via XDA-Developers]


  1. Please some one tell me will ATT curate u I need to know before I use cause my parents are paying for my phone. Help?

  2. After the 2.3.4 update on the atrix, it has completely stopped working and will not provide the free mobile hotspot anymore, does anyone have a solution or a new apn that will work with this update?

  3. was wondering of it is possible to use the Motorola Atrix to connect a computer to a wireless network if the computer is having trouble doing so? basically my computer can connect to my phone, and my phone can connect to the wireless network but my computer can not. I want to use the phone to bridge the gap.

  4. I repeated this process several times and I get the account not setup error msg. I’m starting to wish I just received my Iphone with another Iphone. That was easy to jailbreak and setup tethering.

  5. I did everything as you had said and it came back and verified with AT&T and said that I had to get a data plan………what could be wrong?

  6. I have the latest update (2.3.4) on my ‘unlocked’ Atrix bought in the US but running in Switzerland on a swisscom plan. This APN refuse to save if entered like that so I guess the gingerbread update broke it. Is there anyway to get a build of the Andriod which has the motorola apps without the AT&T restrictions?

  7. This worked perfectly on froyo but last weekend when I updated to gingerbread on my Atrix is has stopped completely any help here would be more than welcome.

  8. This worked perfectly on froyo but when I recently updated to gingerbread on my Atrix is has stopped completely any help here would be more than welcome.

  9. woop woop it works. does any one know if at&t can still charge?
    I’m on an employee plan so I benefit from having unlimited data 🙂

  10. Hai,I’m from malaysia.my problem is how to setup my wifi hotspot tet svs.I use local net prov digi.can’t it work?I alreadY upgrade to gingerbread by motorola realease last week.

  11. Hi, ive have done all this and now saved it. but how do i find it again. and now what are the steps to tether this to my computer. Could you add some detailed next steps as i am a complete doughnut with technology. i only got my atrix yesterday but am desperate to tether it to my comp

    thank you

  12. Hi. I’m from Panama and use Claro as cellphone carrier. I tried this solution and doesn’t works. What I’m doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

  13. This was the ONLY tethering solution that worked with my Atrix 4.1.57 and my Xoom Wifi! Thanks for the great tip. No rooting, no bluetooth DUN – yeah!


  14. ?Rogers APN settings for Atrix 4G WIFI Hotspot….
    I’ve got an unlocked atrix and I’d like to use my data plan on Rogers in Toronto.
    Would any one know the APN settings to use to get WiFi hotspot?
    I have been tethering with Easytether on my previous Sony xperia using USB cable.
    This would be much better over wifi.

  15. Tried it. It works for a while. Most of the time it takes 30 minutes or even longer on “setting up data link”. The wi-fi notification stays brown-ish and never turn to blue. Any idea what’s wrong?

    • actually, is not even necessary……just enable the APN you just set up, next enable the option wifi hotspot under mobile hotspot (wireless and network settings). I had to wait a few minutes before it was able to succesfully set up the data link. IT’S WORKING! THANKS!

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