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Enable Panorama Mode In iOS 5 Camera App [Cydia Tweak]

iOS 5 Panorma ModeThe cameras in iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S have truly set the standards for some amazing quality photographs. The camera’s however, do not offer much functionality or settings as it is which is Apple’s aim at keeping things simple, but it’s about time people start getting control of what they’re doing. Panorama mode is something that has been missing from the devices all along, and we failed to understand why. Luckily, if Apple won’t answer our query, Firebreak; a Cydia tweak has hit the Cydia Store for jailbroken iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S running iOS 5, and guess what it does. Yes, enables the hidden panorama functionality in your iPhone 4 and 4S. For more on it and how to get it on your device, read on!

IMG_0541 IMG_0542 IMG_0544

As you can see from the screenshots above, the panorama mode is staright away integrated into the main Camera app. Simply hit Settings in the app and select the Panorama option.

To download the tweak, simply look for Firebreak in the BigBoss repository, or search for it in the Search tab. Please note that this tweak is meant for the iPhone 4 and 4S onnly running iOS 5. This will not work on the iPhone 3GS. If anyone manages to get this on an iPod Touch 4G, please do let us know.

[via idownloadblog]


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