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Evernote’s Skitch Debuts On Android, Lets You Annotate, Edit & Share Images

Evernote – a popular note taking tool recently acquired Skitch, which itself is a famous name in the world of screen capturing tools. To the utmost delight of Android fans, the official Skitch client has just been rolled out into the Android Market and guess what? It’s absolutely free! However, the app is not actually a screen capturer but rather a photo-taking/annotating tool. With Skitch, you can grab a quick photo, draw over it or on a blank canvas, add marks (highlights), arrows and text, save your ‘masterpieces’ to your device and share them with your online buddies and on Evernote.

Ranging from its gorgeous logo to its usability, Skitch looks a polished article. Using Skitch is as simple as one, two, three. Once installed, the app opens to a home screen with three options. You can capture a fresh image from your camera, load an image from gallery or try out your artistic skills on a blank canvas. Just get an image on Skitch and you’re ready to annotate it as you like.

The drawing interface of Skitch sports couple of bars: a tool bar and an action bar. Tool bar is for all your drawing needs. It presents you with multiple options, the first of which is an option to choose color and line thickness of objects. Tap on the pencil button on this bar and start creating freehand shapes on your images. Long press on this button and select highlighter tool to draw semi-transparent lines. You can draw arrows from the relevant button to point towards specific objects on image. The type button lets you add text to images. Finally, the shape button on the tool bar lets you create various shapes by dragging your finger over your image. Long press on said button to choose a shape (square, ellipse and line). The best thing with Skitch is that it lets you preview any modifications you make from aforementioned tools.

The action bar lets you perform various actions on images/drawings. This is where you can get your home, delete, undo/redo, save and share button. If you have Evernote installed, then you may share your drawings on Evernote by taping on the relevant icon on the action bar.

Skitch brings customizable drawing options that can help you edit your snaps and refine them to perfection. Per-tool settings and Screen-relative tool sizes let you tweak color/brush settings and lock active tool sizes respectively. You may also opt to Stretch Small Images to fit the canvas if required. Enabling the Smart highlighter option causes your highlight strokes to become perfectly straight when swiping horizontally or vertically. Draw-and-tap selection lets you reposition objects by tapping a second finger mid-stroke. Plus, you may adjust highlighter opacity as per convenience from the Settings menu within the app.

To cut it short, Skitch is one feature-packed drawing app for Android that can surely keep you captivated for hours. As of now, Android users can immediately try out this amazing app by downloading it from the Market for free while iOS users can only wait and hope to have one for their devices very soon.

Download Skitch (v1.0) for Android

[via Lifehacker]

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