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Extra Mile: Voice Directions, Route Planning & Travel Logs For iPhone

iOS devices are used for a lot of purposes, not the least of which is navigation. Not only can you view detailed maps of any place on earth using your iPhone, there are also a lot of apps available in the App Store which supplement travelling and make navigation even easier. That’s exactly what Extra Mile does, as the app is a comprehensive replacement for the stock Maps app in iPhone and iPod touch. With Extra Mile, you get voice directions, route mapping, as well as a lot of other useful navigational features, like generating travel logs and calculating the fuel cost of your trips.

Extra Mile Home Extra Mile Map Suggestion

Without having to go through a lot of sign up steps, you can start using Extra Mile as soon as you launch the app. Just hit the Start button before you begin driving, and the app will begin its tracking. You even get a few seconds’ head start to make the calculations as accurate as possible. Extra Mile will track your current location automatically to present the most suitable maps for you, and is also smart enough to display the price units in your local currency without any prompting. The app will give you voice directions when you hit the Voice button in the map. If you juts start the app and begin travelling, Extra Mile will track your route and distances automatically, but it can prove to be more helpful if you use the GoTo option, which will help you map a route to your desired destination. An estimate for travelling time is also presented to the user.

Extra Mile Cost Extra Mile Settings

If you want to make notes about your excursion, there is the Log tab for that, which will allow you to record the events and landmarks of your journey in a chronological order. Another way of viewing records of your travels is to go to the Calendar menu, which keeps all your navigation history in the app. The Dashboard section highlights the money you have spent so far on your trip, along with your current speed and the distance you have travelled. Extra mile is highly customizable, and you can specify fuel rates, your vehicle type and addresses for your home and work places. The app also advises to switch off your car’s engine if you stay stationary for a considerable amount of time.

Extra Mile can also be used to generate detailed reports of your travels and expenses, but to unlock the Reports section, you will have to make an in-app purchase of $2.99. Another limitation in the free version of the app is that you will only be able to save 20 trips at a single time, but it is possible to keep using the app indefinitely by deleting older trips.

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