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EZBuzz Lets You Create Reminders With Audio, Notes & Photos On iPhone

Siri might be good for having a casual conversation every once in a while, but, arguably, its best feature is its ability to create reminders on the go. Apart from Siri, there are several third-party iOS apps that can create reminders in a variety of intuitive ways. However, no matter how a reminder is created, when it shows up on your iPhone’s screen, it is essentially just a snippet of text asking you to perform a particular task. Not if you are using EZBuzz! With this amazing iPhone app, users can create reminders quickly, but the reminders EZBuzz creates are anything but simple text strings. You can add voice recordings, notes or even images to a reminder using this app, and all of these items will show up on the screen of your iDevice as soon as the alarm goes off.

EZBuzz Audio Reminder EZBuzz Time Scale EZBuzz Calendar

The ability to accommodate media within reminders is not the only distinguishing feature of EZBuzz. The app makes use of a Time Scale that can be considered an area showcasing the graphical representation of your planned activities. To quickly create a new reminder, just double-tap the appropriate time point on the Time Scale. By default, a new reminder will be created on the chosen point in time, but it is possible to edit that by hitting the Settings button from the Reminder menu. The main feature of the Reminder screen is the Record button. This enables users to add a voice clip to the reminder. To add a photo, hit the button marked by a camera icon. Like an ordinary reminder, EZBuzz reminders can also accommodate plain text, and to do that, you may make use of the app’s Notes menu.

The app’s reminders can be assigned Low, Normal or High priorities, and this will help users in keeping everything in perspective due to the color-coding on the Time Scale. If you want to view all your reminders as a list, or on the app’s calendar, the options for doing that are provided on the main screen. One of the best features offered by EZBuzz is its ability to allow users to readjust reminders by simply dragging their representative dots to some new location on the Time Scale.

EZBuzz has got the potential to become your default reminders app, owing to its impressive array of features and the ability to rearrange schedules instantly. The iPhone/iPod touch-optimized app has gone free for a limited time, so head to the following link and grab EZBuzz without spending anything.

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