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Fbspot: Control Facebook Account From iPhone Spotlight Search [Cydia]

There are countless tweaks available at the Cydia store for jailbroken iOS devices. Some are really useful, while others are there to just make up the numbers. FBspot is a tweak which falls somewhere in between the two categories. The functionality it offers is, admittedly, pretty minor, but many iPhone users who like Facebook might find the tweak really useful. Fbspot lets you type commands in the Spotlight search area of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and those commands will take you straight to the desired area of your Facebook account. Confused? Read on for details.

Fbspot Custom Command Fbspot

Before you get too excited though, hear this; the tweak only recognizes commands which have been added by the developer. There is an option to perform custom commands, but it’s unclear how you define your own commands, or if they are even supported by Fbspot. But to be fair to the tweak, the list of commands already incorporated by it cover pretty much all the aspects of Facebook which are mostly used by everyone. Using Fbspot is easy. Just install the tweak, which is free by the way, go to your device’s Spotlight area, and key in one of the preloaded commands in the search box. But before you do that, make sure that you have the official Facebook app installed on your iPhone and you are logged in to your account. Following is the list of commands recognized by Fbspot:

  1. Fb messages: takes you to your Facebook inbox
  2. Fb events: shows which events you have got added to your FB calendar, and which ones are coming up
  3. Fb: takes you to your newsfeed
  4. Fb settings: opens your account settings
  5. Fb app settings: allows you to change the Facebook app’s settings
  6. Fb event walls: learn what’s going on in the event pages you have joined
  7. Fb help: help topics on Facebook
  8. Fb pokes: check if anyone has poked you
  9. Fb cc: The mysterious custom commands menu. Trying profile launched the app for us, but nothing more happened
  10. Fb pending posts: see posts which need your review before being published
  11. Fb delete account: commit Facebook suicide

It is to be hoped that the list will only increase with time, and if you are worried that you won’t be able to keep track of all the commands used by the tweak, worry no more, because the developer page of Fbspot lists all the commands employed by the tweak.

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