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Flickr my Wallpaper: Android Live Wallpaper That Cycles Between Random Flickr Images [Android]

Flickr is a great online photo sharing platform with thousands of high quality images uploaded by both casual users and professional photographers from all over the world. If you start browsing the extensive photo repository of the service, you’d probably find plenty of images good enough to be used as your computer or mobile device’s wallpaper. Well, if you own an Android device, you can actually automate the process of setting Flickr images as wallpapers with the brand new live wallpaper called Flickr my Wallpaper. The app saves you from the hassle of manually downloading your favorite images one-by-one from Flickr to set them as your device’s wallpaper. It automatically fetches random Flickr images after regular intervals of time and sets them as your home screen background. That’s not all; you can specify a photo tag to have the live wallpaper display relevant Flickr photos. Flickr my Wallpaper is an ideal solution for all those Android users who are greatly impressed by the quality and variety of photos that Flickr has to offer.


Flickr my Wallpaper’s settings can be accessed by long pressing a vacant spot on the homescreen, and navigating to Live Wallpapers > Flickr my Wallpaper using the menu that appears.

Once you land on said screen, the app automatically displays a random image from Flickr. Tapping the Settings button takes you to another screen from where you can enable the aforementioned option of downloading images via custom tags. If you decide to enable said option, you must tap the Flickr tag option on the same screen to specify your preferred tag/keyword.


The Settings screen also allows you to enable the option to download a new image relevant to the specified tag after every single hour. If you don’t fancy authorizing the app to access your mobile data to download images, you can set it to download content over Wi-Fi only.

Download Flickr my Wallpaper

Update: As is the common observation with most of the app, Flikr my Wallpaper, too, appears to have been removed from the Google Play Store. While we might not be able to offer you an exact alternative as Flickr my Wallpaper, the following apps might pique your interest, since they are more or less based on the same concept, but support a different service.

  • Memoshake: Shake your Android device to view a random Facebook post or photo.
  • Reddit Stream: View slideshows of some of the best images shared on Reddit.

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