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FILLIB: Create Movies Wish List & Collection Log, Sync With Cloud [WP7]

If you are a fan of movies and own a Windows Phone 7 device, then there are many apps which you might like in the Marketplace. We have covered quite a few of them already, like RemembeReel and DVD Collector. These apps are for avid movie collectors, and if you own a lot of film titles, then they can really come in handy. FILLIB is another Mango app which belongs to this genre. The app lets you create a database for movies you have watched at any time, and even those you wish to watch in the future. Once you have done that, it becomes possible to search through your collection via a number of extremely comprehensive filters. Read on to know more about Film Library (FILLIB).


Before you can begin using FILLIB, it is necessary to sign up for a new app-specific account, which is a bit of an inconvenience, as many similar apps do not force you to create a new account. However, this feature is there to give users cloud backup of their app data, so it’s worth the trouble. The signing up procedure for FILLIB is pretty thorough, and you even have to set up a secret question in order to proceed. Once you have done all that, you are good to go. The working of the app is pretty simplified, and does not involve too many steps. The two main areas of FILLIB are collection and wish list. The buttons to add movies to either of those are located in the bottom bar. After you have populated your collection suitably, it becomes possible to perform advanced search operations using the wide array of filters at your disposal.

FILLIB Title FILLIB Movie Details

Each movie in your collection will be stored as much more than a mere name. You can see its release date, duration, cast, a short description and just about any other relevant data you can think of. The titles in your collection will appear just like the contacts in the People hub, and even have the alphabet badge above the name which can be used to navigate through the collection with speed and efficiency. FILLIB has a pretty neat interface, probably the best among its competitors, and it comes with an attractive price tag of $0. The app also supports a lot of languages. So, do give FILLIB a try by heading to the web Marketplace link provided below.

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