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Find RGB / Hex Color Codes Of Real Life Objects With Android Camera

Catch Color Free is an app for Android devices developed by CeSnow that allows you to catch the RGB or Hex color value of any object just by pointing your phone or tablet’s camera at it. This can be very handy for artists or even electronic graphic designers. For more on this app, read on!

The application features a cross-hair at the center of the screen and uses a high speed algorithm that immediately provides you with 16 bit color value for whatever object that cross-hair is pointing at. This is one of those apps that do one thing and do it best in a very efficient manner.

From the screenshots above, you can see how the app flawlessly and accurately shows you the RGB as well as Hex values of the colors. Along with that, it also shows you the color as it would appear on a color palette. Furthermore, the rate at which the values are updates depending on where you’re pointing can also be changed via the refresh rate.

Download Color Catch Free.chart

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