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Find Suitable Hotels In Any Area With InternetHotels For iPhone

InternetHotels.com is a web service that has been around for quite a while on the web and is used by a considerable number of users as their first choice when it comes to making online reservations and finding the best (and/ or economical) place to stay while they are travelling. So, for all those dedicated users of the website, this might come as a pleasant surprise that the service has launched its own iOS app by the name of InternetHotels. Even if you haven’t heard of the site before, this free app might lure you away from some of the flashier alternatives available in the App Store. Read on to know more about InternetHotels’ features.

InternetHotels Popular DestinationsInternetHotels Area Search Results

At the start page, you will be presented with some popular destinations commonly searched by InternetHotels users. You can tap on any of them to leisurely browse through hotel choices in those cities or you can get straight down to business by entering your search query and looking for a place to stay in the selected area. The app also supports a useful Find hotels near me option that makes use of your iPhone’s GPS and location services. Once you have your search results, there is an option to sort the results based on room prices, ratings or promoted places.

InternetHotels ScheduleInternetHotels Number of people

Then again, you could have found all that out simply by using Google. So what’s so special about InternetHotels? The app basically allows you to find out how much the whole stay will cost you once you tell it for how long you intend to stay there and how many people are going with you. After you have set the criteria, the cost of your stay will be displayed against each hotel’s name. The app, of course, has maps integrated in it, which can help you find your way to any hotel you come across in the search.

InternetHotels Hotel PageInternetHotels Hotel Description

InternetHotels has pretty detailed descriptions available for most of the hotels it lists. The best feature of the app, hands down, is its Book Now option which lets you make reservations for any hotel right from within the app. You can also view photos and find out amenities related to a particular place. InternetHotels will keep track of past reservations made through it and will also save your favorite destinations in the Favorites tab.

You can download the app from the App Store link given below.

Download InternetHotels

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