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Find The Online Popularity Of Anything With Social Mints For WP7

A few days back, we covered a Windows Phone 7 app which went by the name of Webmaster. That app was all about keeping track of ay website’s popularity by viewing its usage statistics and page ranks. However, online popularity is a concept which is not exclusive to just webpages, and a lot of users want to know which topics are being discussed all over the web these days. Social Mints is a search engine app for Mango, but it is unique because using it, you don’t search for meanings of terms, but rather their popularity. The app will let you know exactly which topics are trending these days, and which celebrities & movies are most discussed right now.

SocialMints WP7 SocialMints Snapshot

To be fair, Social Mints is not the only option available for staying up to date with trending topics and popularity data, but the uniqueness of the app lies in the fact that it uses a really smart and intuitive way of showing how well a term or name is doing on the web these days. The system adopted by Social Mints is based on 4 factors; Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach. Strength of a keyword shows how frequently it is discussed by the users, sentiment shows how much of the mentions received by the term are positive and in how many people show their dislike of it. Using the Passion percentage you can find out how often do older users come back to searching the term multiple times, which shows the true popularity of the keyword. The Reach of a term usually provides a general indication as to the influence held by the searched word.

SocialMints Filters SocialMints Favorites

So, where does Social Mints look to calculate all these percentage values? It is actually you who decide the sources for these stats. In the main menu of the app, users get the option to choose the sources which will be scoured in order to generate the requested stats. The sources between which you can make the choice include Twitter, Facebook, News, Blogs and Comments. You can choose any of these categories before compiling your results. Another useful functionality offered by the app is the Trending Mints section, using which you can see the most popular topics all over social networks.

SocialMints Sentiments SocialMints Keywords SocialMints Users

When you get down to actually viewing the stats associated with individual terms, the app displays them pretty comprehensively. There are pie charts for Sentiment percentage, and for the users who mention the searched mint. You can also use Social Mints to see the terms which are usually used in the vicinity of the actual mint.

In addition to being an app with a nice interface, Social Mints can be really helpful in a number of scenarios, and it is free, too. So, give the app a download by going to the web Marketplace link below.

Download Social Mints

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