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Find The RGB Value Of Any Object With Augmented Colors [WP7]

Being a relatively new field of technology, augmented reality hasn’t got a lot of apps on any platform, let alone one like Windows Phone 7, whose app collection is not as large as iOS and Android. The apps that do feature Augmented Reality are mostly just for fun, and serve no serious and useful purpose. So, it is always nice to see an AR app that actually does something useful, no matter how small or insignificant. Augmented Colors is a rather simple app, but the functionality it offers is very useful if you use photo editing tools, or if you like to have an exact knowledge of everything that interests you. Using the app, you can point your WP7’s camera at any object, and find out the RGB and hex value of its color. The user doesn’t have to do anything, the app will just take a moment to scan the target object, and tell you the colour’s exact name straight away.

Augmented Colors WP7 Augmented Colors Sharing Options

Augmented Colors is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. The app has just one screen, and you don’t have to navigate through a lot of options and screens before you can get to performing the main task. Just launch the app, point the camera at the target object, and you will see the scene in front of you on your device’s screen, but with a crosshair overlaid. Align the center point of it with the desired point of the object, and you will see the RGB value of the color displayed at the bottom of the screen. Atop it the hex value is also shown, and you can note down any of those values for use anywhere. For the user’s convenience, the app also changes the color of the bottom strip for the confirmation of the detected color. If you tap the screen, you are taken to the sharing screen. From there, you can share the color code via email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter. The app will also present you with the option to save a wallpaper of the detected color, or save its live tile to the Start screen.

Augmented Colors will cost you $0.99, but the trial is not time limited, and you can discover colors using it just like the paid version. The only difference is that the app will not let you share the code while in trial. A really useful app, with a nice layout. Do give Augmented Colors a try by going to the download link below.

Download Augmented Colors

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