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Fitness One For iPhone Pushes You To Shed Off Those Extra Pounds

We all want to stay in shape and get rid of that extra flab around our waists, but with our strenuous routines and days filled with fatigue and exhaustion, we really don’t feel like hitting the gym every eve or doing some cardio vascular at home. Fitness One  for iOS designs a workout routine for you whether you are a gym buff or  a slacker who would rather run across his backyard then hit the track. Fitness One takes many factors into account when building your routine , for instance, your gender, whether you Have gym access, whether you are aiming for Fat Loss or Muscle Gain.

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Once you have installed Fitness One, you can tap Routine Builder to start charting down your workout plan as per your requirement. Routine Builder asks what your Goal is. Whether you want Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, or just Conditioning of your body. It then asks you to specify a workout level, whether you are at a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced physical training level.

Once you have specified your gender and whether you Have gym access, tap Build My Routine to get started. Fitness One develops for you a workout routine divided into four-week stages, where each stage focuses on a particular kind of physical training such as cardio vascular in one stage and weight training in the next one.

When you tap a stage, you can view the type and amount of training you have to do each day in during that part of the routine. Tap the exercise for any particular day to see its tutorial in the form of a Photo, Video or text under the How to tab. You can view a log related to each exercise  as well, which is basically a record the dates when you did the exercise along with your weight at each date. Fitness one has a detailed Exercise Directory that you can access from its homescreen.

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Fitness One has an Analytics page that keeps a record, in the form of a graph, of the various exercises you have been doing over a period of time on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis. You can share your training progress as well as the videos and photo tutorials available in the app with your friends on Facebook .

Fitness One works both as a reminder and as a physical trainer, and is a must-have for all those of you who wish to stay in shape, but find hiring a real trainer a hassle. The app is free for a limited time on the iTunes App Store. Grab it now from the link provided below.

Download Fitness One

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