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Fix Android Market From Hanging During Downloads & Installation

MarketMany people using Android devices, especially Froyo based devices, have stated experiencing hangs in the Android Market during app installation or even during downloading the apps. It’s said to be due to a certain folder that can easily get corrupted, thereby posing problems for your downloads and installations. However, there is an easy fix for those who are facing these problems and want to rid themselves of it for good. Read on for a complete guide.

Now the fix is more like a semi-permanent solution as the folder that causes trouble, can get corrupted again. In that case, your best bet is to simply redo this process again. So let’s get on with it.


  1. To begin, navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and click on the SD Card tab as shown in the image below.device
  2. Now select an app one by one moving them to your phone’s internal storage by using the Move to phone tab as shown below.device-2
  3. Now open any file manager on your phone (we used the Astro File Manager) and look for a folder named .android_secure as seen below and delete it. Considering that you moved all your apps as told in Step 2, you don’t need this folder anymore.device-3
  4. Now reboot your phone and once it does, simply move all your applications back on the SD card. You should be able to use the Market without any of the pervious flaws.

Let us know if this method was helpful to you.



    • Prior, to updating or installing an app from the Market, you can umount your SD card, then try to download the app. Once the install is complete, click on mount SD card.

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