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Fix G-Sensor Problem On HTC HD2 Running Android NAND

HTC HD2 AndroidThe G-Sensor problem and freeze issues on the HTC HD2 running one of the NAND builds of Android has recently been fixed by XDA-Developers forum member AngelDeath. While the method isn’t a guaranteed fix, it has worked for many. Read on for details and download link.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

Several users running Android on their HTC HD2 from its internal NAND memory have been experiencing issues with the G-sensor of the device. At times it does not let you calibrate it without keeping the device face-down, which is a hassle as you have to hold it above your head to do the calibration in that position. In certain cases, the calibration process also freezes. This fix aims to address these problems and has worked for many users.

The method has been tested to work on the HD2 TMOUS that was made after June 2010 and may not work on previously built models. While it does fix the calibration issue for some, it might also fix the freeze issue. It utilizes a file that you need to copy to your phone to fix the problem.

To apply this fix, download the file from the link given below, extract it to a location on your computer and copy the bma150_usr file to your HD2. Then on your phone, head over to the /system/bin folder and make a copy of the bma150_usr file from there to another location for a backup. Finally, replace that file with the downloaded one you just transferred to your phone. You will need root access to do that.

In case there are any issues, simply replace the file with the original one that you backed up earlier.

Download bma150_usr.zip

Update: According to David, our esteemed commentator, you can also follow the following guide to calibrate G-Sensor on your phone:

try the following steps:

1. put your HD2 (facing down) on a table
2. part of the display with the button “Calibrate” needs to be visible for you – it means that about 15% of your display is out of table
3. click “Calibrate” – phone is still on a table
4. wait for “OK” it should appear in a few sec
5. click “OK” – phone is still on a table
6. pick up your phone and check if its ok

if not – try it 2-4 times

it works for me

I’m using this rom: LEO “Stock Desire” NAND Android ROM


[via XDA-Developers]

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