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Fix SD Card Mount On Rooted XOOM Running Honeycomb 3.2 With MicroSD Mounter

Motorola XOOM is easily the most popular Android tablets for those looking to customize it to the core. However, the recent Honeycomb 3.2 port for rooted XOOM tabs resulted in losing SD Card mount functionality for many users. ekarelis, XDA member and Android developer, has released a fix for this situation that comes in shape of any easily installable MicroSD Mounter App [APK]. The app is created primarily to enable SD Card remount as Read / Write for Motorola XOOMs with root and running a custom Android 3.2 Honeycomb ROM.


Although the fix seems to be very easy, but there are some risks attached. According to the developer:

This app is still under development, use of this app is at your own risk. The app will forcefully dismount/remount the sdcard, so any active access to the sdcard is affected, and under extreme cases can result in data loss.

The future versions of this app will come with optimized validation to decrease any chances of data loss and also with hot-swap SD Card support, Remount On Boot support and an associated widget for quick access to SD Card status.

You can download the APK on your PC. Now connect your rooted Moto XOOM with HC 3.2 with your PC via USB cable and copy the downloaded APK to SD Card root. Once done, use any file explorer to install the APK. After this, launch it and follow onscreen instructions or use app options to re-enable SD Card mount as read / write. As this app is still work in process, so head to the official XDA thread here to report bugs and to seek live developer support.

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