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Flash / Install Android Kernel on Samsung Galaxy S Without Computer with Tuxility

Samsung Galaxy S Tuxility LogoInstalling a new or custom kernel to your phone used to be a complicated process involving connecting your phone to your PC and running a utility like Odin to flash it, but not anymore! XDA-Developers forum member GrimmVarg has just released Tuxility – an app that allows you to install Android kernel on your Samsung Galaxy S without the need of a PC.

Disclaimer: Modifying the kernel of your device can brick your phone if gone wrong. Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

Tuxility is loaded with quite an impressive feature set – it allows you to:

  • Flash a kernel to your phone while it is on, without connecting it to a PC,
  • Make a backup of your current kernel,
  • Backup and restore settings.db and /efs,
  • View settings.db,
  • Reboot to standard, download or recovery mode and
  • Clean battery stats.

In addition to these, several features are presently under development and are planned for future releases. In addition to GUI enhancements, these features include the ability to:

  • Toggle the mediascanner on/off,
  • Edit settings.db,
  • Use * and # command shortcuts.
  • View system information,
  • Change system font,
  • Make a sensor dump,
  • Flash using tar files containing zImage directly,
  • Save backups on SD card,
  • Use bmlunlock + dd for flashing new kernel, instead of redbend and
  • Tools for calibrating hardware including battery and screen etc.Samsung Galaxy S Tuxility QR Code

Tuxility requires a rooted Samsung Galaxy S phone running Android 2.1 or later, and should work on all Galaxy S series phones including Vibrant and Captivate. You can download it for free from the Android Market or AppBrain, or grab it by scanning the provided QR Code.

To flash a kernel to your phone, just unpack the kernel zImage to /sdcard/download/, run Tuxility and follow its instructions. If anything goes wrong, head over to the app’s XDA-Developers forum thread to contact the developer directly for help. In case you are a developer and want to modify the app, the source code is also available under GPLv3.

Download Tuxility at AppBrain

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