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Flava For iPhone: Virtual Scrapbook For Photos, Notes, Places & More

Flava is like a virtual scrapbook for your iOS device that can be used to arrange photos, books, music, audio recordings, notes, links and places of importance in one place. The purpose of the app is to capture all memorable or significant moments of each passing day. You can later browse through the data via the the app’s very own calendar, and share it over various social networks and cloud services. The concept is, in a way, quite similar to the one behind Facebook’s Timeline feature.

Flava Flava Categories

The social networks and cloud services that Flava can connect with include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Evernote and Dropbox. There are seven basic types of content you can add to Flava. Just tap the ‘+’ button in the top-right corner of the screen, and Flava will prompt you to specify a category. Each item you store on Flava can have a password lock of its own. You can specify a password for an item after you’re importing it into or creating it from within the app. Simply tap the lock icon present beside the item to do so.

Flava even has a rating and sorting system of its own. You can assign different badges to items depending on how much you like each of them.

Flava Photo Editing Flava Recording Flava Places

Following is an overview of the Flava’s item categories.

Text Only

This menu provides a simple option for jotting down notes in a hurry. You can save drafts here and later sync them to cloud services like Dropbox or Evernote. The app lets you choose from among a considerable number of colors to stylize your text.


Not only does Flava let you save images to it, but you can also scale and rotate them before saving. The app offers a few resizable stickers as well, which can be pasted anywhere over the image being edited. Once you have finished editing a photo, the app lets you add a tag to it, and share it over the web.

Music & Recording

The Record feature lets users create audio notes and save them for later use while the Music section of Flava allows you to import any song from the device’s library and keep it saved to the app’s feed against a particular date.

Books & Places

You can bookmark ebooks, and save places that you find interesting. For every location that you choose to save with the app, it saves an a map preview and an address.

Flava Repository Flava Calendar

All the items you save to Flava will show up in its main feed. An alternate way of viewing the stored data is via its calendar.

Flava isn’t new to the App Store, however, it has only just been made free. Hit the link below to head on over to its App Store page.

Download Flava For iOS

Update: The official Android client of Flava is now available in the Google Play Store.

Download Flava For Android

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