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Get Google Maps On Windows Phone 7 (WP7)

So YouTube has been reported to be crummy on the Windows Phone 7 platform, and Microsoft blames Google for pulling a bully on the freshmen, just like any high school. That’s not it, imagine life without Google Maps on your phone? Perhaps, the missing of one of the most widely used and authentic navigation tools on one of the fast-flourishing mobile platforms of the world is not something that one can fathom easily. Well, that’s what Windows Phone 7 users feel like right now with no app made available by Google for that platform. But then again, necessity is the mother of all inventions. Thank you vrassouli for putting together this wonderful piece of app that allows us to use Google Maps on our Windows Phone 7 while Microsoft and Google argue it out. For more on this App, read on!

The App called GMapPro is out as the version 2.1 now and while it is not totally perfect, it’s still better then using Bing Maps while outside the UK or USA and having no maps at all. The latest version has the following features to offer:

  • Use Google Maps which is the most complete mapping solution available in the world.
  • Download the maps of desired area, and use them while you are offline.
  • Provide a list of downloads so you can delete them in future.
  • Use the phones internal GPS, to find you on the map.
  • Markers: Tap and hold a location to put a new marker. | View the list of markers and easily jump to the marked location. | Shows your location with a different marker.
  • Addresses (Requires Internet Connection): Shows the address of your location | Jump to a desired address.
  • Preferred zoom level for My Location feature. Now, if you tap on My Location button, it will show the map whit the pre-configured settings.
  • Track me, Shows you your location and tracks your movement on the map. It even shows your movement speed.
  • Calculate the direct distance between to points in km or miles.
  • Known and reported bugs are fixed.

See below a few screenshots courtesy of the developer.


Now before you decide to install this wonderful app, there’s a requirement at hand:

Instructions to install:

  1. Download GMapPro 2.1.
  2. Simply install the App via XAP Installer. That simple!

For updates and queries, visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers.


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