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Get Spire Siri Port To Work Without Manual Proxy Settings [Cydia – iOS]

For those wanting to enjoy Siri on their older iPhone, there are a few solutions available, like the previously covered Spire and Sara. However, there are a few problems with such alternatives; apps like Sara don’t have the integration Siri enjoys, while Spire is not really easy to set up and you need a proxy server in order to really use it. Luckily, this isn’t the case anymore, all thanks to the newly released Cydia tweak named AssistantConnect. With this tweak, all you need is Spire and access to an iPhone 4S in order to enjoy Apple’s personal talking assistant on your older iPhone or iPod touch.

AssistantConnect4S AssistantConnect4S Mail AssistantConnect Cydia

Before you get Siri working on your iDevice, here is everything you need to do.


  1. On the older device, install Spire, which is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. The tweak downloads about 100Mb of data, so it is better to switch to Wi-Fi before installation.
  2. Once you have Spire installed (which will ask for a reboot), request anyone owning an iPhone 4S to download the tweak named AssistantConnect4S, which can be found in the Utilities section of the BigBoss repo.
  3. Launch AssistantConnect4S on iPhone 4S, and then reboot.
  4. Again open the app, launch Siri and use it for a minute. Now tap the Email Siri Data button in AssistantConnect4S.
  5. Send the generated email to the person with the older device having Spire.
  6. Now, everything has to be done on the Spire end, and the iPhone 4S has to worry no more. On the older iDevice go to the BigBoss repo in Cydia and install the tweak named AssistantConnect.
  7. Launch the recently installed Cydia app, and then, via the stock Mail app, open the email you received from the iPhone 4S owner.
  8. In the email, tap the attachment, and choose Open in AssistantConnect. A notification will be displayed, telling you that the file has been successfully loaded.
  9. Exit the app, go to the stock Settings app, and under the General tab enable Siri.
  10. Reboot your device.

After you have followed the 10 steps outlined above, long press the Home button on  your iDevice, and you will be able to use Siri! It must be kept in mind that one 4S user must not give out his or her key to too many people, as that way they might get blacklisted by Apple. So, if you know someone with an iPhone 4S, you just have to give AssistantConnect a shot, as the tweak is free, just like Spire itself.


  1. If you have acces to an iPhone 4S then why would you need spire or sara when you actually have Siri on the 4S? Makes no sense

  2. If you have acces to an iPhone 4S then why would you need spire or sara when you actually have Siri on the 4S? Makes no sense

  3. Worked for a minute (iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1) in Spotlight and iMessage, but got “Spire Not Configured” when holding Home.  Now stopped working altogether.  I know I got a valid AssistantConnect plist file from a 4S, so Apple must have changed something… Anyone got a workaround?

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