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Google’s PhotoVine App Brings Topic Based Photo Sharing To The iPhone

Google is coming pretty hot in pursuit of social networking giants. First Google+ to counter Facebook and now PhotoVine has been launched to entice an entirely different range of social media users. Photo sharing is the target this time around. With the likes of Instagram going pretty strong, this service will aim to be the new photo king with a glossy new interface and cool “vine” concept. As is usual, the first testing ground is iOS.

PhotoVine ProfilePhotoVine Fresh

Setup & Profile

PhotoVine is available at the app store for iPhone devices. Once you have grabbed this free app, just sign up for an account (which isn’t a fussy procedure at all). Choose a username and password, coupled with any e-mail ID which belongs to you, and you are ready to grow vines!

So What’s A Vine?

The entire app is based on the concept of vine.  Basically a vine in PhotoVine is a thread of photos related to a particular term. All the photos are user-uploaded so the usefulness of the app is bound to increase with its popularity. Even now there is a decent amount of visual data available on it.


If you choose to Watch a vine, any update regarding that particular thread will be visible to you in the Watch tab. If you started the vine yourself, it is a pretty fulfilling experience to watch the seed you planted become a tree.

Picture PhotoVineSearched Vine

Browsing Vines

You can browse vines based on three criteria. Fresh, Popular and, of course, Watching. It is quite a lot of fun watching the creativity of iPhone users in making interesting vines like “Food That Looks Like Pac Man” and “Things At My Bedside”.

Connecting With Your Contacts

Facebook and Twitter integration makes the sharing experience a real pleasure. You can follow your friends’ vines and add any comments you like on any of the photos. A friend you want to share with not really in to social networking? You can e-mail them a photo (or even an entire vine) from the app’s sharing options!

See anything right in front of you worth adding to a vine? Simply hit the big green button and snap the picture from within the app. All in all a pretty good app with lots of potential, as long as people start using it in considerable numbers. Remember, PhotoVine is only available in the US App Store for now.

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