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Here Me: Location-Based Micro Blogging For Windows Phone 7

There is only one name that is sure to pop up in your mind as soon as you hear the word micro-blogging: Twitter. Admittedly, there are a number of alternates which provide you with the exact same functionality offered by Twitter, but a far fewer number of apps or services exhibit the courage to think out of the box and make some additions to micro blogging and social networking. That’s where Here Me enters the Windows Phone 7 arena.

Here-Me Homepage1

First things first, you need to create a new account for Here Me, as it does not integrate with any pre-existing service and is a standalone app. That’s a bit of a downside if you are not a big fan of apps requiring new accounts and new passwords. Also, you have to activate your Here Me account after signing up or the app won’t work. However, the overall experience proves to be worth it in the end.

So what exactly is Here Me? The app has a built-in video (about a minute in length) which teaches you the basic usage and concept behind this app. The main idea is to let you write reports (which are like tweets) based upon your current or chosen location.

ProfileReport WriteMy Feeds

You can set up your profile (not much customization available, just a choice of changing your details and avatar) or you can leave the settings as they are. Make sure you keep the GPS enabled. You can write reports which are 140 characters long (sounds familiar?) but with the option of attaching images, videos, sounds and links. When you add a feed, you can choose a specific area from which you want the reports to load. Your reports too will only be visible in that area.

Total FeedsSelective Feeds

Like with Twitter, you can view reports from everyone on Here Me or you can apply filters to narrow it down a bit. For all the visible feeds, there’s a noteworthy button (sort of a combination of bookmarks and Facebook’s Like button) and you can write a reply to any report. Adding hash tags is also allowed in reports and replies.

Map SelectionMap Options

Selecting your area of interest is easy. Just zoom in and out of the map to include any area within the circle displayed in a feed. The map offers the usual 3 views (Map, Hybrid and Satellite) and as told in the tutorial video, you can add an area which includes many continents or just a building.

Here Me is free and available at the download link given below.

Download Here Me

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