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Hipster Brings Its Postcard-Style Photo & Location Sharing App To Android

Smartphone app stores and the web may be brimming with plenty of photo-sharing social networks and apps, but not all let you share photos like Hipster does. The app allows you choose from several retro-style postcard templates to add your photos to, fill the chosen postcard with a short note, tag a location of choice, and share it with the world. Through its dedicated official iOS and Android client, Hipster lets you explore, access, create, design and share stylish geo-tagged postcards from your smartphone on the go. Although the official Hipster app has just landed in the Android Market, its iOS variant has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time now.

In addition to Hipster’s own network, you can share your postcards on other social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr. The app also offers a comprehensive suite of conventional socializing tools, and supports saving postcards to drafts to upload them in bulk.

At startup, the app prompts you to log in with your Hipster or Facebook account. New users can grab a free account by simply providing their email address.

Hipster-Android-Welcome Hipster-Android-Home

Once logged in, you can start exploring Hipsters (postcards with additional info) shared across the network in multiple ways. By swiping left or right across the app’s homescreen, you can switch between postcards are shared by your Friends, from Nearby locations or from anywhere across the globe. All postcards can be filtered by popularity or time.

Hipster-Android-Postcard Hipster-Android-User

Tapping a postcard reveals the photo attached to it and all attached details such as the username of the uploader, sharing time, and the comments, views and likes that the post has received. The location of sharing is indicated by a placemarker on a mini-map displayed just under the postcard. While tapping the map lists all other Hipsters shared from that particular location, tapping the username displays the uploader’s activities on the network.

Hipster-Android-Follow Hipster-Android-Suggestions

Want to share your own postcards? Just hit the camera icon at the top-right of the app’s homescreen, pick an image from your gallery, or instantly snap and import one into the app. From the screen that follows, you can select a postcard design template of your choice, as well as a nearby location to tag it with. Once past that, you’re provided with an option to add a brief note to the postcard, and select the network(s) and friends to share it with.

Hipster-Android-Templates Hipster-Android-Post

From within the More tab on the app’s homescreen, you can check your Hipster Profile, Notifications, Settings and Pending Uploads. From the same screen, you can Search Hipster for items of interest by relevant keywords, Find/Invite friends on the network, get friend recommendations, and authorize the app to use your social network accounts for sharing purposes.

Download Hipster for Android


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