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HomeSpringPage For iOS Adds An Empty Homescreen For Dashboard X Widgets [Cydia]

The Cydia store is certainly an active place, and every few days, a new tweak is bound to create a lot of hype among the iOS jailbreak community. These days, this tweak happens to be Dashboard X (recently reviewed here). After all, who wouldn’t want to have some truly gorgeous and useful widgets on the Springboard of their iPhone? Dashboard X is a rather new addition to the Cydia store, and hence, far from perfect. For example, many people have complained that the widgets obscure app icons, as there are only a few empty spaces available on the Springboard. Also, what if you want the first screen of your iDevice to consist of nothing but widgets? All these problems can be solved using a simple Cydia tweak named HomeSpringPage. The tweak performs the sole task of adding a blank screen on the first slot of your Springboard, and you can use that screen for placing all the Dashboard X widgets you want.

HomeSpringPage Cydia HomeSpringPage Blank Page HomeSpringPage Dashboard X

HomeSpringPage is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and you can download it for free if you have a jailbroken iDevice. After its installation, the tweak adds no new Springboard icons or options in the Settings app. You don’t have to configure HomeSpringPage in any way, as the tweak will give you a blank screen on your Springboard automatically. Now that you have a blank screen, it is possible to neatly arrange your favorite Dashboard X widgets here, and use it as an area exclusively for these widgets, so that none of the existing app icons will be obscured.

Some might argue that no such tweak is essential to optimally use Dashboard X, since you can use the widgets on the lock screen any way, or maybe you would like to overlay some widgets with existing icons. Still, if you think this is something that looks better on the Home screen, with no extraneous icons underneath, then HomeSpringPage is just about perfect for you. If you are a fan of Dashboard X, HomeSpringPage is a must-have. However if you are not using the widgets platform, skip installing this tweak, although it won’t cost you anything even if you do. HomeSpringPage can become even better if the developer adds an option that allows users to choose the location of the blank page, rather than placing it on the first screen straight away without any verification.

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