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Honeycomb 3.1 Update For Logitech Revue Leaked [Download Available]

We are not pretty sure how you are using your $ 99 Logitech Revue, but what we do know is that you can now upgrade it to Android 3.1 Honeycomb for sure. Of course this isn’t an official rollout and some industrious Androiders at GTVHacker forums somehow got hold of this build for their devices. As this is still a beta and not intended for end users in any case, so upgrading to this build might turn your Revue in a zombie for all we can say.


Here is what the guy who releases this has to say about this HC 3.1 update for Logictech Revue:

Here it is everyone, Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) BETA On the Logitech Revue.
This is BETA, it is not meant to be widely used and has bugs. If that’s something you don’t care about and would like to risk it anyway, install the update. Also, If you want to help Logitech and Google out buy another Revue ( preferably from logitech.com ), at $99 its worth every penny.
If you want to help, mirror this file in as many places as possible. I’m sure it’ll be taken down quickly

There are several members at GTV forums who tested this and came out with positive results.
However, this build actually make you lose any previously acquired root privileges on this device. And for some, the build didn’t work out at all. Apparently the only change that this build brings to your device is a non buggy media player. And yes, you might also lose the capability to download apps from Market.

You can download leaked Android 3.1 Honeycomb for Logitech Revue from here and then follow the instructions provided here to do the deed.


  1. From what I understand, you don’t.  No going back after going BETA.  This was such a waste of $250 that I spent when this thing first came out.  I could kick myself…

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