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How To: Fix iPhone 4 Cracked/Damaged Screen [Video Guide]

Although Apple claimed iPhone 4 to be possessing an “extra durable” screen; yet evidence and recent developments negate those claims out right. So, in case you have an iPhone 4 with a broken screen, follow step by step tutorial in the video from Directfix.com.

While the video is pretty much self explanatory and comprehensive, here are the step-by-step instructions for those of you who want them to accompany it. Though please do NOT rely solely on these, and do watch the video to learn the process before attempting it. Consider these instructions as subtitles for the video. Also, this video is intended merely for reference and it is better to get an established phone mechanic replace the screen for you.

Disclaimer: Addictivetips will not be responsible in case your devices gets permanently damages using this procedure. This procedure also void’s iPhone 4 warranty.

  1. Remove the SIM tray and SIM using a SIM removal tool.
  2. Remove the two screws on the bottom of the phone with a mini Phillips screwdriver.
  3. Slide the back cover up slightly, pull it up and take it off.
  4. Remove the screw that’s holding the battery connector in place, using a Phillips screwdriver.
  5. Gently lift up the battery connector from the motherboard.
  6. Remove the battery by pulling the battery tab up. Don’t worry if it feels glued; just pull harder, yet carefully.
  7. Now remove 5 screws that are holding a shield in place in the top region.
  8. With the screws removed, lift the shield up but be careful about two hinges that are holding it in place. The shield loops under these hinges.
  9. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws over the shield from the connector, to be able to remove the shield.
  10. Carefully pop the connector up away from the motherboard.
  11. Using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws holding the vibrator motor in place.
  12. Carefully lift up the five connectors that are conneced to the motherboard, using a case opener tool.
  13. Now lift the connector that connects the camera. Once lifted, remove the camera.
  14. Lift the rubbon cable on the motherboard all the way up and using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove the screw that’s exposed under it, as well as another one on the other side of the phone, over the speaker housing.
  15. Now carefully lift out the speaker housing, watching out for the speaker connector wire attached to the motherboard that must be disconnected. You can pop this connector up carefully using a small flat blade screwdriver.
  16. Remove the screw underneath the water sensor at the edge of the motherboard.
  17. Using a flat head screwdriver, there is one more screw that needs to be removed with a flat head screwdriver, before removing the motherboard.
  18. Now that all the screws have been removed, lift out the motherboard carefully.
  19. Ten screws must now be removed to be able to remove the screen; six large ones with washers on the sides of the phone (three on each side) and four small ones in the corners (one on each corner). Remove them all one by one.
  20. Now use the case opener unit on the front of the phone and start running it between edge of the screen and the metal frame to loosen it.
  21. Finally, lift the screen but be careful and try to lift it upward. There is adhesive tape holding the screen to the metal frame.
  22. Once the screen has been lifted, don’t pull it off; make sure to run the cables through the frame first.

You’re done – the screen is off now and you can replace it with a new one. Make sure you are careful with reassembling the unit, and follow the exact instructions in reverse.

[via DirectFix]

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