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How To Fix iPhone/iPod Touch Low Memory Warning

In the past few days many users have had memory issues with their iPhone/iPod Touch memory, with the OS often prompting the user that their system memory had run low. In fact, some of the users report that their devices crashed altogether due to running out of memory and had to be restored from scratch in order to get them working.

The noticeable point was the problem happening mostly with those people who had the Rock App installed. Hence it was identified that the Rock App wasn’t actually clearing out its log/cache file, hence increasing the file size constantly and indefinitely.

In order to fix this, SSH into your iDevice or use iPhoneBrowser/DiskAid etc to locate /var/mobile/Library/RYP/logs. In this location, simply delete the rockapp_[date].log file (where date will correspond to the date of the file’s creation/modification. That’s it. The low memory warnings will no longer bug you.

As a habit, it can be useful to clear the cache from within the Rock app. It is not clear as to why this problem surfaced will all the users at this particular time, but it can be a date bug that got overlooked. The developers of Rock have released an update that should fix this problem, so try updating your Rock installer. Our solution would work primarily where your memory file has grown so large that you’re unable to launch the Rock App altogether.

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