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How To Generate License For Swype 3.0 Beta On MIUI [Android]

The beta version of the new and improved Swype keyboard replacement for Android was released to the Android Market this past Sunday. But as users scurried in to download the IME to their devices, those using the MIUI custom ROM found themselves in a fix once again. As with the previous versions of the keyboard replacement app, the keyboard’s installation on MIUI requires a workaround. The second step in the installation process (right before the licensing step) requires you disable Swype by unchecking a check box that does not exist in the Language & Input Settings page of MIUI’s Settings application. MIUI’s device settings differ in arrangement from the minimalistic settings menu of the stock OS and other major custom ROMs (most of which feature stock settings). This prohibits users from licensing the app and accessing all its features. Join us after the break for a step-by-step solution.

Generate-License Assuming you already have Swype installed,

  1. Launch Swype Installer.
  2. Tap Android Keyboard and select Android Keyboard as your default input.
  3. Tap Disable Swype.
  4. At the Language & Input Settings page that follows, hit the Home button, then go to Menu > Settings > Application > Application Management and uninstall Swype only. Do not uninstall Swype Installer.
  5. Once again, launch the installer, login, download and install Swype. (If you resume the installer by holding down the Home button and selecting it from the Recent applications popup, back out of the Language & Input Settings page that appears, tap Generate License, login, download and install Swype.)
  6. Reboot your device.

Once rebooted, Swype should be licensed and fully functional. If the keyboard isn’t already selected as your default input, you can do so from Menu > Settings > System > Language and Input > Current Software Keyboard.

To download Swype 3.0 Beta, head on over to the app’s website via the link provided below.

Download Swype 3.0 Beta

[via Swype Forums]

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