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Get ‘Twitter’ And ‘Google Alerts’ Notifications In Chrome

Monitoring the web for new information isn’t easy but services like Google Alerts and Twitter make it easier for us to find something new or keep up with trending news. While both are a great source of information, monitoring them is often inconvenient when you have to switch between tabs and windows just to check if there is anything new. My Alerts is a Chrome extension that lets you monitor your Twitter alerts for a particular query, Backtweets and Google Alerts. The extension adds a bell icon next to the URL bar which shows the total number of new alerts and opens them for you in a new tab when you click them.

My Alerts

To check which queries have a new alert, click on the bell icon; a frame will open within the browser window detailing the new alerts. Clicking on any one of the alerts will open them in a new tab, e.g. if you’re monitoring a trend on Twitter, clicking on the trend will take you to the search page listing all new tweets for that trend. To set up alerts, click the Manage alerts link and set up alerts for Twitter and Google.

My Alerts options

You can name the alerts anything you want, the extension also shows the last time it checked for new alerts for a particular query.

Install My Alerts For Chrome


  1. nice post and thanks for the tip
    i have a problem with the app though, it doesn’t support login with google username unfortunately, where I have lots of alerts

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