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How To: Install Android 2.2 Froyo On HTC Dream G1

Finally there is some good news for HTC Dream G1 owners who were looking to Install Android 2.2 Froyo on their handsets. A stable and reliable Froyo build is now available for rooted HTC Dream G1 based on CyanogenMOD 6. All credit for this wonderful Froyo port goes to KenMood.

Here is the step by step guide on installing Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC Dream G1. Froyo On G1

Please note that this guide is intended for users who already have Rooted HTC Dream G1. You can click here for rooting instructions. Also note that you will need SPL Version 1.33.2005 and the latest radio version as any other version might cause your phone to go in a boot loop.

  1. The first step is to download custom (https://uploadmirrors.com/download/1MYTZXFC/xtreme-froyo-1.9.4-signed.zip) Froyo E-xtreme ROM for HTC G1 and (https://uploadmirrors.com/download/1BVHK3T4/gapps-mdpi-FRF83-signed.zip) G-Apps Add-on and save them on your Desktop [Or wherever you prefer].
  2. Now Connect your phone to the computer and mount SD Card.
  3. Copy both the downloaded files to SD card root and reboot your phone in recovery mode.
  4. Now Full Wipe the device by wiping cache, data, delvik cache etc.
  5. After you have wiped the device, install/flash the custom ROM through recovery.
  6. Now install the G-Apps Add-On from the recovery. Please make sure that you flash the ROM first and then the G-Apps Add-on.
  7. Now reboot your phone in normal mode. It will take some time so wait until you see the Froyo start screen.
  8. After this go to Settings> ADW launcher> Drawer Settings and change the value of “Zoom Effect” Speed to 300 and background color to #ff000000
  9. Now launch Spare Parts and change the windows animation speed to fast. Also enable “Compcache”, Launcher Rotation and Launcher in Memory.
  10. After these settings reboot your device and there you go! You have successfully ported Android 2.2 Froyo on your HTC Dream G1.

You can click here for more information in case you are facing any issues with this installation.

Disclaimer: Please follow this procedure at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be held responsible if this method incurs any permanent or non-permanent damage to your device.


  1. hii frnd, m in jus in way to upgrade my g1 to froyo, so plz do tell me 2 simple things, 1) is computer tethering working fine after upgrade 2) does it hav any serious bugs, bcoz i use to g1 everyday…

    plz reply

  2. hi, i have a t-mobile g1. i downloaded the exterm foryo rom and G.apps. when i go in recovery mode. come a message E:can’t open cache/data/recovery command…so if you can help me please??

    • i did that for ages, you want to check you haven’t renamed your update ‘update.zip’ as it already has a hidden .zip suffix, thus making the file update.zip.zip and unrecognisable to the recovery mode

      this fixed my problem in windows 7,hope you have the same circumstances/luck

  3. this version sux.. no sound, very laggy, slow and unstable crashes all the time on G1. get the official release from cyanogenmod forum, much smoother.

  4. THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS it works great 4 me
    but having the follwing bugs :
    1- GPS is not working.
    2- YouTube is not working.
    3- please give me some hints to make it faster ( it is extremly slow now) tell me if there is any applications i can remove (i dunt use them all)..
    Thanks buddy 🙂
    Good job n keep goin on 😉

  5. Hi I’m using an htc dream firmware 1.5,build number 1.86.421.1
    I downloaded the DREAIMG.nbh but when I go into boot mode by pressing the camera and power key I don’t see any flashing image option.So I’m stuck on this stage but I want froyo so Bad.please help.

  6. it works perfect, !!!!! i cant believe it !!!!!! i start in 1.6 rooted with cm 4 on my G1 , i have to put the SPL version that you sugest , i already have the last radio installed,

    thanx tech guru !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi

    I have g1 phone. I gave on it android 1.5 rogers. I want to put android 2.2 on that phone but I newer did this before. If somebody can help me pls. Thank you

  8. I am able to install successfully and easily. So far working fine and hasn’t ran into any problem.
    Able to see Flash ads and Pinch zoom.

  9. Thank you for the valuable info! I’m now rollin’ with 2.2 (Froyo) on my “old” G1. Works like a boss, thanks for the tips! 😀

  10. how can i download apk files on my G1 which is rooted and running on version 2.2 (HTC DREAM) each time i try to download it always show .htm instead of .apk

  11. @mudit
    You need to wipe everything (may leave parition) , i akso faced the same issue but redoind after wiping all the cache /data everything , it worked

  12. Hi,

    i am following the process you have specified and i am able to install both the updates, but when i start my device after step 7, i am only seeing android startup screen and OS is not loading on the device. Please help..

  13. i cant hear my music or pandora music on my g1 after installing the froyo rom please help what do i have to do to fix this

    • have u installed this procedure coz im also using HTC dreams G1…just a little connfusion if u can help me out…

    • I am stuck trying to install the new rom. It says E:/can’t open sdcard/update.zip….aborted….I read many sites an they just say to remove the “zip” in the file, make sure that it is in the root of sd card, but no luck…help!

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