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How To Make Skype Calls On Android Over 3G Networks In US

In case you are in the US and have downloaded Skype app for Android from Market, but are yearning for ability to call over 3G, then your wait is over! Android hackers over at Droid Forums have already liberated the Skype App for Android from shackles of cruel carriers denying calls over 3G. We don’t know regarding the legality of all this, but we know one thing for sure that you can now make calls from the US using your Skype for Android on 3G networks without any issues. skype_logo

Here are step by step instructions on installing the hacked Skype on your Android phone in order to make calls over 3G networks in USA.

  1. The first step is uninstall the original Skype app you downloaded from the market. You can use any app installer/ manager on rooted phones and follow this path to uninstall the app on un-rooted phones:
    • Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>"Select your app">Uninstall
  2. Now download hacked Skype APK file from here and save it on your desktop.
  3. Once this is done, launch Market on your Android phone and search for “Astro File Manager”. You can also use any other file manager of your choice.
  4. Once this is done, connect you phone to the computer and mount SD card.
  5. Now copy the downloaded Skype.apk file SD Card root.
  6. Once this is done, disconnect your phone and launch Astro File Manager.
  7. Now follow onscreen instructions to install Skype.apk file you copied to SD Card.
  8. Wait for the installation to finish and close the file manager.
  9. Now launch Skype on your phone and tap on call.
  10. Dial the number of your choice and talk as much as you feel like, of course if you have Skype credits.

Please note that AddictiveTips does not, under any circumstances, encourage you to install hacked applications / Software. This guide is for educational and reference only purpose, based on information available through random sources.

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