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How To Overclock T-Mobile G2 And HTC Desire Z To 1.42 GHz With OC Kernel

If you just got your pre-ordered T-Mobile G2 / HTC Desire Z and were in an awe due to it’s incredible processing speed and user experience, then there are some more things to get awed about. Folks over at XDA have managed to overclock their T-Mobile G2 to a stunning 1.42 GHz. The bench mark scores after overclocking the G2 have been identified as the best so far among rival Android phones such as Galaxy S, Desire etc. With Vision OC Kernel, you can even go beyond 1.42 GHz, but we will recommended not doing it as it might cause your phone to die of a freeze attack. So, let’s keep it a bit “super” modest for now and we will, hopefully, overclock it to deliver even higher speeds when we have a more comprehensive OC kernel in hand.


Ok, let’s cut the talk short and get to to work on overclocking your T-Mobile G2:

The first step is to understand that this is a quite challenging task that requires you to have ample hands on command line modding experience.

Now download Vision_OC.Ko Kernel, which is distributed under GPL V. 2, extract and save it on your desktop.


According to coolbho3000, senior member of XDA Forum,

To use it on a T-Mobile G2 on the stock kernel, copy vision_oc.ko to /data/local and run this command as root:

insmod /data/local/vision_oc.ko

This will overclock your phone to the default 1017.6MHz, which is on par with the 8×55. To overclock even higher (or lower), run the following command:

insmod /data/local/vision_oc.ko pll2_l_val=53

Where pll2_l_val*19.2 equals the speed (in MHz) that you’re overclocking to. For example, 53*19.2 corresponds to 1017.6MHz, while setting pll2_l_val=74 will overclock you to slightly over 1420MHz: insmod /data/local/vision_oc.ko pll2_l_val=74 (this is 1.42GHz – be careful! I ran into freezing issues somewhere between 76 and 80, so I figured 74 was stable for my G2, and I’ve been running it at that all day. If it freezes try 73, 72, etc. Every phone is unique – your mileage may vary. You may even be able to get higher than me.)

If you ever want to change the speed of your overclock without rebooting, run the following command:

rmmod vision_oc.ko

Then run one of the above commands. It’s important to note that using a value of 42 (good number) for pll2_l_val will make your phone run at 806.4MHz again. Rebooting the phone will reset your root access and your overclock (of course, you probably already knew this). Voltages can also be tweaked for the highest frequency (to know how to do this, read the README link below).

In case there is an over the air update for your T-Mobile G2 ot HTC Desire, it is important to note that you will need to recompile this kernel to be effective. As the kernel is now openly available, we understand that some ROM developers will inculcate it soon in their next custom ROM build. So, it will be better to not to attempt this method in case you don’t want to risk bricking your device. It is also extremely important to mention that overclocking your device higher than factory default might cause quick battery lapse and result in application crashes plus occasional phone freezing.

If you are facing any difficulty whatsoever, you can consult the official XDA Forums Thread here to get support and help.

Here is a video of T-Mobile G2 / HTC Desire Z running on 1.42 GHz:

Disclaimer: Please attempt this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible if you brick your phone following the above instructions.

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  1. Impressive I just overclocked mine and like the video states this phone is the fastest on the US market at the moment in my opinion.

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