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How To Permanently Root HTC T-Mobile myTouch 4G [ADB Method]

After T-Mobile and HTC Desire Z fell to permanent root, there is some great news for HTC myTouch 4G as well. Following the same method and exploit used for acquiring permanent root on G2, myTouch 4G now has a permanent root status as well.

Follow there instructions to permanently root your HTC myTouch 4G. Please note that this rooting process is in a pretty raw form for now, so proceed with extreme caution.

  • The first step is to temporary root your myTouch 4G with VISIONAry One Click root app. You can simply download VISIONary from market and run the app to achieve temp root. Please follow this guide for detailed rooting instructions using VISIONary.
  • Now download the required files from XDA’s official thread here and save them.
  • Once done, set up ADB on your computer. You can follow the comprehensive ADB installation and usage guide posted here.
  • Now launch Command Prompt on your computer and type the following ADB commands.
    • adb push wpx.ko /data/local
    • adb push hboot_dhd.nb0 /data/local
  • These commands will push the two files you earlier downloaded to /data/local.
  • Now open up terminal on your phone and type SU + followed by enter to gain root access. You can also use ADB on your PC to execute this command.
  • Once done, Type insmod /data/local/wpx.ko and press enter. After pressing enter, you get an error “Function Not Implemented”; this is perfectly fine.
  • Now type dd if=/data/local/hboot_dhd.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 followed by pressing enter. Please note that any sort of typo that is committed within this command can lead to a permanent brick. So, please check the accuracy of syntax twice before hitting enter.
  • Once the command is executed, exit from terminal.
  • Now launch VISIONary on your phone again, re-root and select the option to lock the root with enabling “Run on Boot”.
  • Now exit VISIONary app, and launch terminal on your phone again. Type “Sync” and press enter.
  • Wait for couple of minutes and reboot your device.

And there you go! You now have permanent root on your myTouch 4G. Please proceed with these instructions if you have ample hands-on ADB command line experience with rooting devices. For novices, there will be a new permanent VISIONary One Click root available very soon, so it’s better to hold your horses till that time. We will cover the one click permanent root for myTouch 4G and other devices once it is launched.

Disclaimer: We have not tested this method ourselves so Addictivetips will not be responsible in case you brick or incur any other damage to your device. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk.


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