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How To Gain Permanent Root On HTC T-Mobile G2

T-Mobile G2 was proving to be a hard nut to get cracked for hackers and rooters, but evidently this statement no longer stands valid. Android hackers and developer at XDA have finally managed to gain permanent Root access to T-Mobile G2. According to the team which worked out the solution, you can’t really use this method on any thing else than the HTC T-Mobile G2.


In case you decide to experiment with this method on phones other than T-Mobile G2, then obviously something really bad (probably a brick) awaits your device. The credit for this Permanent Root for G2 goes to senior XDA members, Scotty 2 and unforgiven512. Although the permanent rooting method of T-Mobile G2 seems to be a conventional ADB push file operation, but there is a high risk involved in this case.

In order to prepare for the root, you need to have hboot-eng.img, wpthis-OTA.ko and wpthis-pre-OTA.ko files. You can download all the required files packaged in a Zip file from here.

Here are the step by step instructions to root your HTC T-Mobile G2 permanently:

* Firstly, run VISIONary to gain temp root.

* Push the .ko file appropriate for your phone, and hboot-eng.img to /data/local/, then go ahead and open a terminal or adb shell


$ su# insmod /data/local/wpthis-[YOUR_VER].ko

It should return:


init_module ‘wpthis-OTA.ko’ failed (Function not implemented)

That is good. Go ahead and (at your own risk, once again. I’m serious. You’ve been warned!)…


# dd if=/data/local/hboot-eng.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18

Close your terminal and If you are in adb shell, disregard.

Run VISIONary again, this will lock in root. But wait, you’re not done yet.

Fire your terminal back up, use su to regain superuser privledges. And…


# sync

Wait a minute or two, and reboot. Congratulations, you are S-OFF!! Enjoy!!

Please note that we have not tested this method and it has not been certified or meant for any other T-Mobile G2 variant like HTC Desire Z. In case you have problem understanding the instructions, it will be better to wait for a simpler and less-risky form of this method to appear. We believe that developers behind this hack will soon make life easier for novices by releasing a less complicated permanent root for T-Mobile G2. You can consult the official XDA thread here for support and further information.

Reference Links:

Temporary Root T-Mobile G2 With VISIONary

Disclaimer: Please make sure that you have ample command line rooting experience on Android handsets before you try out this one. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible for any permanent or no-permanent damage that might incur to your device following this method. Proceed with Caution!

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