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How To Remove iOS Firmware Update Badge From Settings Icon [Cydia]

If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is jailbroken, then you must be familiar with the routine which is followed each time a newer version of iOS is released, The developers start working on finding new exploits and creating the appropriate jailbreak for the the latest release. The duration in which jailbreak masters carry out their search for exploits might consist of months at times, and all the while, jailbreak fans are usually instructed to stay away from the newer versions of iOS until the jailbreak is released. If you update by mistake, then you might end up stuck without access to the Cydia store forever. The main culprit for making people accidentally update in such scenarios is the OTA update (since iOS 5), which presents itself in the stock Settings app, with an annoying badge staying visible on it until you finally succumb to Apple’s wishes and update to their latest firmware. There is a solution to this problem though, and you can easily remove the Settings OTA badge using the Cydia tweak named noOTA.

noOTA Badge Remover iOS Cydia

noOTA is available in the BigBoss repo as a free download, and after you have installed it to your iDevice, it takes effect immediately. This means that the tweak does not add any new Springboard icons to your iPhone, nor does it have any Settings app menu. You just install it, and the small red badge on the Settings icon goes poof!

It must be noted, however, that noOTA will not make the update notification disappear from the Settings app, and whenever you launch the said app, you will see the OTA available in the General tab, from where it is possible to initiate the update procedure.


  1. Just installed noOTA on my iPad with iOS 6.1.2 and nothing has changed – I still have the nagging badge on the Settings icon.

  2. Not sure about this tweak,
    Once loaded, certain adverts will show on your phone.
    Which leads me to believe that it’s a tracking/100% online tool.

    Be warned!!

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