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How To Root Motorola XOOM Honeycomb Tablet On Android 3.1

The Motorola XOOM has started receiving the OTA update to Android 3.1, with some users updating their XOOM tablets manually because they didn’t want to wait. As is the  case with almost all Android updates pushed by a device manufacturer, this update be it manual or OTA, will remove root access on the Xoom. For all those who are now running Android 3.1 on their XOOM tablets, XDA-Developers forum member publicanimal has released the eagerly awaited root guide. More on rooting the XOOM on Honeycomb 3.1 after the break!

This rooting method should work on both Wi-Fi-only and 3G models; however, while the rooting procedure has been successfully tested for the Wi-Fi model, the 3G model remains untested for now. Motorola_XOOM-3.1-root

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. To begin, download the root tool and the ClockworkMod recovery image file to your computer.
  2. Using a card reader, transfer the root tool to the root of the SD card (i.e. not in any folder there) without extracting it.
  3. Insert the SD card into the XOOM.
  4. Now make sure your XOOM has USB debugging enabled in Settings > Applications > Development, and connect it to the computer via USB.
  5. Launch a command prompt/terminal window on your computer and navigate to the location where you copied the ClockworkMod recovery image file.
  6. Enter the following commands:
    adb reboot bootloader
    fastboot flash recovery recovery-solarnz-120511-2030.img
    fastboot reboot
  7. As soon as you hit the reboot command, you should see a Motorola logo appear. Wait 3 seconds and tap the Volume down button and the words Android Recovery should appear on the screen. When you see that, tap the Volume up button and you’ll boot into recovery.
  8. In recovery, navigate to install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sd card and select the root tool you copied to the root of the SD card.
  9. Once the files are flashed, simply hit Reboot System Now.

Voila! If you followed the instructions right, you should boot into a rooted Android 3.1 OS. For update and queries, visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

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  • themorgue

    just did this on my 3G xoom. worked!

    • Pietro Romeo

      where u based US?

  • alexmd2

    Bricked, recovered and bricked again, will charge now and recover, will not try 3rd time, will use some other img. 3G Xoom 3.1

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  • james

    Keeps saying can’t find device. How do you get to the boot loader bit

  • Laurent

    Excelent. If you the get error: device not found, just force reboot and volum down into fastboot mod and the do – fastboot oem unlock – and then – fastboot flash boot boot.img – inastead adb reboot bootloader which doesn’t work. Continue with – fastboot flash recovery recovery-solarnz-120511-2030.img – at point 6 above.

  • Pietro Romeo

    it flashed but now it wont go past the m logo???

    • Fong

      I have the same problem. I think it’s because the latest Xoom tablets have version 3.2 Android whilst the image is for 3.1. Now my tablet is stuck at the MOT logo. Have to find a 3.2 ROM to reflash it.

      I would like to know what happened to your tablet Romeo.


        @a01cd0d8368a500e01daae6e8c3fc52d:disqus , I have what I believe is the same situation where I am stuck at the MOT logo, and I have tried power up and others things but just can’t get out…Could you please tell me what you did?  email me at pikappbx@gmail.com

        Thanks a bunch


  • Pietro Romeo

    it now just loops the hexagon logon screen

  • Pietro Romeo

    got it all fixd n up and runnin but this boot root, bricks my zoom im in australia on optus network.

  • Fong

    Could someone provide a solution if the device won’t boot after finishing this rooting? My Xoom tablet has Android 3.2. I went through this as guided. All were well except after rebooting it just stuck at the MOT logo. Apparently I wasn’t alone.

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  • Bcisco06

    Is there any way to just plug and play with an external hard drive with out having to down load a million different things. All I have is my xoom. No PC or desktop. If anyone has any suggestions or tips please email me@ bcisco06@Gmail.com