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How To Root Sprint Motorola Photon 4G

Finally there is some great news for Sprint Motorola Photon 4G users as folks over at XDA have managed to gain root on this device. The root isn’t a single clicker –for now – but we believe that there will be a reasonable solution available soon. In order to root your Motorola Photon 4G, you will be needing HD Station, Motorola Photon, HDMO Cable that comes with HD Station, Monitor with open HDMI port, Wi-Fi internet connect on the phone and a PC with network access to phone.


After you have all the requirements mentioned in paragraph 1, follow the instructions provided below:

1. Install Superuser from the Market
2. Install SSHDroid from the Market
3. Open SSHDroid, and make sure it is listening on port 2222
4. Connect Photon to HD Station
5. Connect HDMI to HD Station and TV/Monitor
6. Turn TV/Monitor on
7. Change TV/Monitor input to HDMI
8. Open Firefox in webtop
9. Go to https://higgs.cygnusx-1.org/~edgan/pulse.tar
10. Open it instead of saving
11. Extract pulse.tar to /var/tmp
12. Connect to phone via ssh at ip address mentioned in SSHDroid and port 2222
13. Type /var/tmp/pulse/pa_race
14. Type /var/tmp/pulse/install-su.sh

Linux, in terminal window:
ssh -p 2222 root@ip-address-mentioned-in-SSHDroid
Mac, in terminal window:
ssh -p 2222 root@ipaddress-mentioned-in-SSHDroid

It is important that you follow the above steps to detail otherwise there can be disastrous backlashes. The credit for this root goes to edgan who thanked following people for their contributions:

  • bane449
  • PAulyhoffman
  • Brandon15811
  • Yay

We have simply pasted the instructions from original XDA thread for your convenience. As we are unable to test the method ourselves, so it is important that you stick to the details or wait for a simpler root access method to surface. For more details on this rooting guide, please head to the official XDA root thread posted here. And if you brick your device following the process, AddictiveTips or the original root exploiters won’t be responsible. Proceed with extreme caution!

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